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February 2015 Events in Towada City

Towada Snow Viewing Rally
とわだ雪見ラリー (Towada Yukimi Rally)
Date: Wednesday, February 4, 2015
Time: Registration: 17:00; Start: 18:00; Finish/Raffle Drawing: 20:00
Fee: Advance Ticket: 2500yen; At-Door: 3000yen
Location: 5 bars around Towada
Ticket Purchase, Reception, Finish/Raffle Drawing: Towada Chamber of Commerce & Industry 商工会議所 (Map) 
Description: Within two hours, have a drink at each of the 5 specified bars around Towada and get a stamp. Bring your stamp card back to the Towada Chamber of Commerce & Industry at the end to be entered into a prize raffle drawing.

Towadako Winter Story
(Towadako Fuyu Monogatari)
Website (Japanese)
Date: Friday, February 6- Sunday, March 1, 2014
Location: Lake Towada Yasumiya 十和田湖畔休屋 (Map)
Admission: Free
  • 冬花火 Fireworks 20:00~20:10 Daily
  • 光のゲート "Gate of Light" 17:00~21:00 Daily
  • 光のトンネル "Tunnel of Light" 17:00~21:00 Daily
  • かまくらBar Kamakura (Snow Hut) Bar 18:00~21:00 Daily
  • 足湯 Ashi Yu (Foot Bath/Onsen) 18:00~21:00 Daily
  • 雪のすべり台 Snow Slide (sled rentals 100yen/hour)
  • 乙女の像ライトアップ "Light Up" of Otome no Zou (Bronze Maidens Statue) 17:00~21:00 Daily
  • ゆきあかり横丁 Yuki Akari Yokocho (Alleyway Food Stands/Restaurants) 15:00~21:00 Weekdays; 11:00~21:00 Sat., Sun. & Holidays
  • バナナボート Banana Boat 11:00~19:00, Fri.-Sun. & Holidays
  • ホーストレッキング Horse Trekking 10:00~15:00 Sat., Sun. & Holidays
Lake Towada Winter Story Towadako Fuyu Monogatari
 Lake Towada Winter Story Towadako Fuyu Monogatari Statue of Maidens Otome no Zou
 Lake Towada Winter Story Towadako Fuyu Monogatari Fireworks Hanabi

Towadako Winter Story & Prayer for Good Fortune Tour  
十和田湖冬物語と開運祈願ツアー (Towadako Fuyu Monogatari to Kaiun Kigan Tour)
PDF Flyer (Japanese)
(Note: This is a “monitor” tour, so you will probably be asked to fill in a survey at the end.)
Dates: Saturdays & Sundays from Feb. 7-Mar. 1 (Feb. 7, 8, 14, 15, 21, 22, 28, Mar 1)
Fee: 1500yen (includes activity fees and 1000yen worth of food vouchers)

Registration: Until 1 Week in Advance of Tour Date (Registration will close once the daily maximum for participants is reached); Register at Towada Toutetsu Kankou-Sha (0176-23-6102); Fee must be paid at time of registration (or within 3 days for phone reservations)

11:50 Departure: Kitasato University (Feb. 28/Mar. 1 only)
12:00 Departure: Shiyakusho Mae (City Hall)
12:30 Departure: Michi no Eki Oirase Roman Park
13:30-17:30 (Lake Towada) ① Horse Trekking & Horse Riding Experience; ② Visitor’s Center; ③ Ema (votive wooden tablet painted with a picture of a horse offered in prayer or in thanks for a prayer answered) offering to Towada Jinja and visit to the Otome no Zou (Maidens’ Statue)
17:30-20:30 (Festival Venue Area) ① Dinner ② Wax Ball Making ③ Fireworks
20:30 Departure (from Lake Towada)
21:30 Arrival: Michi no Eki Oirase Roman Park
22:00 Arrival: Shiyakusho Mae (City Hall)
22:10 Arrival: Kitasato University (Feb. 28/Mar. 1 only)

Towada Traditional Performing Arts Festival
十和田伝統芸能まつり (Towada Dentou Geinou Matsuri)
PDF Flyer (Japanese)
Date: Sunday, February 8, 2015
Time: 12:00-16:00 (Doors open at 11:30)
Location: Towada Bunka Center 十和田市民文化センター(Map)
Admission: Free
Description: Watch traditional (performance) art performances from various areas of Towada, e.g. Kagura, Koma Odori, Keimai, etc.
Kagura Dance
Koma Odori Horse Dance
 Keimai Bird Dance

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