Wednesday, 25 February 2015

Original Towada Highball Contest

Towada City "Local Highball Contest" 十和田市「ご当地ハイボールコンテスト」

In honour of the upcoming B-1 Grand Prix in Towada (October), and considering the current "whiskey boom"* in Japan, the Towada Restaurant Industry Association (十和田市飲食業協会 Towada-shi Inshokugyou Kyoukai) is holding a contest to further promote Towada with the creation of an original local highball inspired by Towada's four seasons or local sites.

(*The whiskey boom was likely brought on by NHK's morning drama "Massan,"the fictionalized account of the life of the founder of Nikka Whiskey and his Scottish wife. See the Wikipedia article here. The Whiskey Bible's naming of a Japanese whiskey (Suntory's Yamazaki Single Malt Sherry Cask 2013) as the "World's Best Whiskey" this past November probably also didn't hurt. (See the TIME article here.))

Contest Details:

Entry Requirements/Restrictions: 
- entrants must be over 20 years of age
- entrants must reside in Towada or work in a Towada food/drink establishment
- Kirin Beer's "Four Roses Black Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey"must be used as the base for the highball
- the image for the highball should be the seasons or local sites of Towada (you might also want to keep in mind that they would also like to promote the drink as something to be enjoyed with barayaki)

Entry Submission/Deadline:
- recipes should be mailed or faxed to the following address by May 31st, 2015:
    十和田市西二番町4-11 (4-11 Nishi Ni-Bancho, Towada-shi)
    十和田市飲食業協会 (Towada-shi Inshokugyou Kyoukai)
  Fax: 0176-24-1563
(No submission form or specific details provided, but I would assume that you should include your name (氏名), address (住所), phone number (電話番号), and age/gender (年齢・性別) along with your recipe.)

1st: 30,000 yen
2nd: 20,000 yen
3rd: 10,000 yen
*Additional runner-up prizes provided by Kirin Beer*

Dining Bar Ihoujin (ダイニングBar異邦人) 0176-66-7781
Bar K's (バーK's) 0176-24-8691

Thursday, 19 February 2015

Horse Culture Museum Shotokukan Temporary Closure Notice

The Towada City Horse Culture Museum Shotokukan (十和田市馬事公苑称徳館) will be closed for building maintenance on Tuesday, March 3, 2015.

Shotokukan/Komakko Land website (Japanese):

Tuesday, 17 February 2015

Michi no Eki Towada Takumi Koubou Special Exhibit

Michi no Eki Towada (Towadapia) Special Exhibit: February 19 - 22 (Thu.-Sun.), 2015

"Matsuzaka Tsuya: From Patchwork to Tsurushi Kazari (Hanging Ornaments) Exhibit"
松坂つや パッチワークからつるし飾り道のり作品展
"Matsuzaka Tsuya: From Patchwork to Tsurushi Kazari (Hanging Ornaments) Exhibit" 松坂つや パッチワークからつるし飾り道のり作品展

Hours: 10:00-15:00 Daily

Admission: Free

Michi no Eki Towada Takumi Kobou Hall 道の駅とわだ 匠工房ホール
Denpoji, Tairakubo
Towada, Aomori Prefecture 034-0051, Japan

More Information: 
Michi no Eki Towada (Japanese)

Monday, 16 February 2015

Hearty Diner Shokujidokoro Miki

Restaurant Spotlight: Shokujidokoro Miki 食事処味喜
(Or simply “Miki”)

Towada Shokujidokoro Miki 十和田市 食事処味喜
Towada Shokujidokoro Miki 十和田市 食事処味喜
Towada Shokujidokoro Miki 十和田市 食事処味喜

A lovely little mom-and-pop Japanese style diner that offers hearty and delicious meals at very reasonable prices.  The portion sizes are quite generous, so it’s best to go on an empty stomach.

Recommended Menu Items:
(Basically everything I've tried or seen ordered there so far...)

Natto in Pork Cutlet Set 900yen
かけ橋定食 (Kakehashi Teishoku)
Natto in Pork Cutlet Set Miki Kakehashi Teishoku  かけ橋定食  食事処味喜
Natto in Pork Cutlet Set Miki Kakehashi Teishoku  かけ橋定食  食事処味喜

Wild Boar x Pig Meat Stew Set 1000yen
猪豚鍋定食 (Inobuta Nabe Teishoku)
Wild Boar x Pig Meat Stew Set Miki 猪豚鍋定食 食事処味喜

Mushroom Rice Set 780yen
キノコ丼定食 (Kinoko Don Teishoku)
(Comes with choice of Tonkatsu (pork cutlet), Chicken Katsu (chicken cutlet), Ebi Fry (fried shrimp), or Kaki Fry (fried oyster)-Ebi Fry pictured)
Mushroom Rice Ebi Fry Set Kinoko Don Miki キノコ丼エビフライ付 食事処味喜

Chicken Tempura Set 680yen
鳥天ぷら定食 (Tori Tempura Teishoku)
Chicken Tempura Set Tori Tempura Teishoku Miki 鳥天ぷら定食 食事処味喜

Chicken Katsu Set 800yen
チキンカツ定食 (Chicken Katsu Teishoku)
Chicken Cutlet Katsu Set Miki チキンカツ定食 食事処味喜

“Healthy Hamburg” Set 800yen
ヘルシーハンバーグ定食 (Healthy Hamburg Teishoku)
(Made with horse meat and flavoured with miso)
Healthy Horse Meat Miso Flavour Hamburg Set Miki ヘルシー馬肉味噌味ハンバーグ定食 食事処味喜

Beef Barayaki Set 850yen
(Pork and Horse Meat Barayaki also available)
Beef Barayaki Set Miki 牛バラ焼き定食 食事処味喜

Horse Meat Miso Ramen 750yen
馬肉味噌ラーメン (Baniku Miso Ramen)
Horse Meat Miso Ramen Miki 馬肉味噌ラーメン 食事処味喜

Hours: 11:00-20:00 Tuesday-Sunday; 11:00-14:00 Mondays
Price Range: 1000yen
English/Picture Menu: Miki Special Set (味喜特選セット) picture menu, otherwise Japanese only
Seating: Table (2 tables x 4 seats) and Tatami (3 tables x 4 seats); Non-Smoking Environment
Good For: Solo Dining; Couples; Families; Small Groups
Reservations: Usually not necessary
Phone: 0176-23-1606
Parking: Available (a couple of spots in front, and additional parking in back)
2 Chome-13-30 Higashino (十和田市ひがしの2-13-30)
Towada, Aomori Prefecture 034-0004

Friday, 13 February 2015

Towada Art Center Special Exhibit Waiting for Spring

Towada Art Center Special Exhibit: February 28, 2015 (Sat.) – April 5, 2015 (Sun.)

“Waiting for Spring – Towards a landscape changing color”
Haru wo Machinagara yagate iro zuku fuukei wo motomete)
Towada Art Center Special Exhibit Waiting for Spring 十和田現代美術館 特別展春を待ちながら
9:00-17:00 Tuesday-Sunday (last admission 16:30; closed Mondays, or the following day if Monday is a National Holiday)

Towada, Aomori Prefecture 034-0082, Japan
+81 176-20-1127

More Information:
Towada Art Center (Japanese/English):
PDF Exhibit Flyer (Japanese/English):

Monday, 2 February 2015

Towada Bonus Days & Towada Street Festa

Towada Bonus Days
第38回とわだ・まける日 (Towada Makeru-Hi)
PDF Flyer (Japanese)
Date: Friday, February 6 - Sunday, February 8, 2015
Location: Various stores, restaurants, etc. around central Towada; look for red とわだ・まける日 banners outside of participating establishments.
Description: Special promotions and sales at participating establishments during the event. Purchase receipts and/or drawing tickets from some stores may be used to receive free gifts or to enter prize draws during the Towada Street Festa on February 8th (Sunday). 
2015 Towada Makeru Hi 第38回とわだ・まける日

Out and About the Town! Towada Street Festa
第16回飛び出せ 街へ!!とわだストリートフェスタ
(Tobidase Machi He!! Towada Street Festa)
PDF Flyer (Japanese) 
Date: Sunday, February 8, 2015
Time: 11:00~
Location: 7・8-Chome Shoutengai Shopping Street to Minami Shoutengai Shopping Street (a.k.a. "Awning Street": Former National Rte. 45 where it becomes Rte. 102 (north) down to where it turns into Rte. 145 (south))
Description: Performances, giveaways and prize drawings at various locations along "Awning Street."

2015 Towada Street Festa 第16回飛び出せ 街へ とわだストリートフェスタ 

7・8-Chome Shoutengai Shopping Street, Machi no Engawa 
(七・八丁目商店街 会場:街の縁側)
11:00~ Free Potted Flowers & Prize Drawing (first 100 people); Free Grilled Scallops (first 100 people)
 Eligibility: Must have 1000yen worth of receipts for purchases made during "Towada Bonus Days" (February 6-8) at participating  7・8-Chome Shoutengai Shopping Street shops  

6-Chome Shoutengai Shopping Street, Art Station Towada (A・S・T)
(六商店街 会場:アートステーショントワダ(A・S・T))
11:00~ Free Potted Flowers (first 100 people)
Eligibility: Receipt for purchase made during "Towada Bonus Days" (February 6-8) at participating  6-Chome Shoutengai Shopping Street shops
11:30~ Mochi Making: Free oshiruko (sweet red bean paste with mochi (Japanese rice cakes))
Eligibility: First come, first served

Chuo Shoutengai, Civic Center Plaza (Shimin Kouryuu Plaza)
(中央商店街 会場:市民交流プラザ)
11:00~ Prize Drawing (gift certificates, prizes, etc.)
12:00~ Free Coupons for Hapita Cafe's "Original Menu" (first 100 people)
Eligibility: Prize Drawing Tickets from Chuo Shoutengai Shopping Street "Towada Bonus Days" participant shops

Minami Shoutengai, Rest Area (Chokotto Kyuukeijo)
(南商店街 会場:ちょこっと休憩所)
11:00~ Free Potted Flowers (first 100 people); Free hittsumi nabe (hand-pulled noodle hot pot) (200 servings only); Kerosene Prize Draw (20 winners)
Eligibility: Receipt for 500yen or more in purchases made during "Towada Bonus Days" (February 6-8) at participating  Minami Shoutengai Shopping Street shops

Special Events at Art Station Towada (A・S・T)
(十和田市商店街連合会イベント 会場:アートステーショントワダ(A・S・T)) 
11:00~ Yosakoi Live (Kitasato Sangenshoku group, Towada)
12:30~ Shijimi Tsumamidori  (picking corbicula clams: within 1min., grab as many clams as you can with chopsticks, event will finish once the clams are all gone)
13:30Yosakoi Live (Kitasato Sangenshoku group, Towada)