Monday, 2 February 2015

Towada Bonus Days & Towada Street Festa

Towada Bonus Days
第38回とわだ・まける日 (Towada Makeru-Hi)
PDF Flyer (Japanese)
Date: Friday, February 6 - Sunday, February 8, 2015
Location: Various stores, restaurants, etc. around central Towada; look for red とわだ・まける日 banners outside of participating establishments.
Description: Special promotions and sales at participating establishments during the event. Purchase receipts and/or drawing tickets from some stores may be used to receive free gifts or to enter prize draws during the Towada Street Festa on February 8th (Sunday). 
2015 Towada Makeru Hi 第38回とわだ・まける日

Out and About the Town! Towada Street Festa
第16回飛び出せ 街へ!!とわだストリートフェスタ
(Tobidase Machi He!! Towada Street Festa)
PDF Flyer (Japanese) 
Date: Sunday, February 8, 2015
Time: 11:00~
Location: 7・8-Chome Shoutengai Shopping Street to Minami Shoutengai Shopping Street (a.k.a. "Awning Street": Former National Rte. 45 where it becomes Rte. 102 (north) down to where it turns into Rte. 145 (south))
Description: Performances, giveaways and prize drawings at various locations along "Awning Street."

2015 Towada Street Festa 第16回飛び出せ 街へ とわだストリートフェスタ 

7・8-Chome Shoutengai Shopping Street, Machi no Engawa 
(七・八丁目商店街 会場:街の縁側)
11:00~ Free Potted Flowers & Prize Drawing (first 100 people); Free Grilled Scallops (first 100 people)
 Eligibility: Must have 1000yen worth of receipts for purchases made during "Towada Bonus Days" (February 6-8) at participating  7・8-Chome Shoutengai Shopping Street shops  

6-Chome Shoutengai Shopping Street, Art Station Towada (A・S・T)
(六商店街 会場:アートステーショントワダ(A・S・T))
11:00~ Free Potted Flowers (first 100 people)
Eligibility: Receipt for purchase made during "Towada Bonus Days" (February 6-8) at participating  6-Chome Shoutengai Shopping Street shops
11:30~ Mochi Making: Free oshiruko (sweet red bean paste with mochi (Japanese rice cakes))
Eligibility: First come, first served

Chuo Shoutengai, Civic Center Plaza (Shimin Kouryuu Plaza)
(中央商店街 会場:市民交流プラザ)
11:00~ Prize Drawing (gift certificates, prizes, etc.)
12:00~ Free Coupons for Hapita Cafe's "Original Menu" (first 100 people)
Eligibility: Prize Drawing Tickets from Chuo Shoutengai Shopping Street "Towada Bonus Days" participant shops

Minami Shoutengai, Rest Area (Chokotto Kyuukeijo)
(南商店街 会場:ちょこっと休憩所)
11:00~ Free Potted Flowers (first 100 people); Free hittsumi nabe (hand-pulled noodle hot pot) (200 servings only); Kerosene Prize Draw (20 winners)
Eligibility: Receipt for 500yen or more in purchases made during "Towada Bonus Days" (February 6-8) at participating  Minami Shoutengai Shopping Street shops

Special Events at Art Station Towada (A・S・T)
(十和田市商店街連合会イベント 会場:アートステーショントワダ(A・S・T)) 
11:00~ Yosakoi Live (Kitasato Sangenshoku group, Towada)
12:30~ Shijimi Tsumamidori  (picking corbicula clams: within 1min., grab as many clams as you can with chopsticks, event will finish once the clams are all gone)
13:30Yosakoi Live (Kitasato Sangenshoku group, Towada)

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