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Relaxing Restaurant-Cafe Drive-In Isshin

Restaurant/Cafe Spotlight: Drive-In Isshin ドライブイン イッシン
(Commonly referred to as "Isshin")
Towada Drive-In Isshin 十和田市 ドライブイン イッシン
 Towada Drive-In Isshin 十和田市 ドライブイン イッシン
Towada Drive-In Isshin 十和田市 ドライブイン イッシン
Towada Drive-In Isshin 十和田市 ドライブイン イッシン

With its warm lighting and wood-burning stove, Isshin is a great place to study, read books, play board games (Japanese comics, books, and games are available for free use) and enjoy a leisurely meal, alone or with friends. However, it is not the best choice for those in a hurry, as food and drinks take a fair bit of preparation time. The large menu has a little bit of everything: Japanese food, curry, pasta, pizza, sandwiches, parfaits, hot and cold drinks, etc. The parfaits are particularly well known for the impressive arrangement of fruits on top.

Recommended Menu Items:

Vegetable Stir-Fry-Style Grilled Meat (Pork) Set* 750yen 
野菜炒め風焼肉(ポーク)セット (Yasai Itame-Fu Yakiniku (Pork) Setto)
*Set includes rice, miso soup, salad, and pickled vegetables (tsukemono); 540yen à la carte (tanpin 単品)
Yasai Itame Fu Yakiniku Pork Set Isshin 野菜炒め風焼肉ポークセット イッシン

Cream Stew Set* クリームシチューセット 970yen
* Set includes salad and choice of rice or bread; 750 yen à la carte (tanpin 単品)
Cream Stew Set Isshin クリームシチューセット イッシン

Lasagne ラザニャ 915yen
(Comes with salad; eggplant in lasagne)
Lasagne Isshin ラザニャ イッシン

Cake Set ケーキセット 810yen
Choice of Hotcakes or Daily Cake; Isshin Blend Coffee, Ice Coffee, Isshin Blend Tea, or Ice Tea

Daily Cake Set Isshin 本日のケーキセット イッシン
Hotcakes Cake Set Isshin ホットケーキ ケーキセット イッシン

Parfait パフェ All 750yen

Chocolate Parfait チョコレートパフェ (pictured)/ Fruit Parfait フルーツパフェ/ Matcha Ice Parfait 抹茶アイスパフェ
Chocolate Parfait Isshin チョコレートパフェ イッシン

Cocoa Parfait ココアパフェ/ Tea Parfait ティーパフェ/ & Other Drink Parfaits
 Cocoa Parfait Isshin ココアパフェ イッシン
Tea Parfait Isshin ティーパフェ イッシン

Banana Parfait バナナパフェ
(Whipped Cream Roses! Choice of Chocolate (pictured), Vanilla, Strawberry or Matcha Ice Cream)
 Banana Parfait (Chocolate) Isshin バナナパフェ(チョコレート) イッシン

Hours: 10:30-22:00, Closed Thursdays
Price Range: 1000yen~2000yen
English/Picture Menu: N/A
Seating: Counter and Tables
Good For: Solo Dining; Couples; Families; Small to Large Groups
Reservations: Usually not necessary, except for large groups
Phone: 0176-22-8788
Parking: Available (~10 cars)
Shimomaekawara-65−2 Osaka (十和田市大字相坂字下前川原65‐2)
Towada, Aomori Prefecture 034-0041

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