Friday, 23 January 2015

Oirase Gorge (Oirase Keiryuu) 奥入瀬渓流

Along with Lake Towada, Oirase Gorge is part of the Towada-Hachimantai National Park. The forests, stream, and numerous waterfalls in the gorge make it a gorgeous hike in any season. The 14km section of the Oirase River (a 67km long river connecting Lake Towada and the Pacific Ocean) that runs through the Gorge is referred to as the “Oirase Mountain Stream.” It takes about 4-5hr to walk through the entire Gorge, but there is also a road that runs parallel to the walking path so it is possible to drive and/or take a bus part of the way. Regular and electric bicycle rentals are also available at Yakeyama, Nenokuchi, and Ishigedo.

Oirase Gorge (Oirase Keiryuu) 奥入瀬渓流
 Oirase Gorge (Oirase Keiryuu) 奥入瀬渓流
 Oirase Gorge (Oirase Keiryuu) 奥入瀬渓流
 Choshi-Otaki Fall Oirase Gorge (Oirase Keiryuu) 奥入瀬渓流 銚子大滝

(Tatsuta-no-taki 立田の滝, Video from B-1 Grand Prix in Towada YouTube Channel)

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