Monday, 13 April 2015

Towada Art Center Special Exhibit JUMP

Towada Art Center Special Exhibit: April 18, 2015 (Sat.) – August 30, 2015 (Sun.)

“JUMP – The World of Play as Art”
(ジャンプ -アートにみる遊びの世界-jump art ni miru asobi no sekai)
Towada Art Center Special Exhibit JUMP flyer front 十和田現代美術館  特別展示 ジャンプ チラシ表

Towada Art Center Special Exhibit JUMP flyer back 十和田現代美術館  特別展示 ジャンプ チラシ裏

Something that surely cannot be forgotten but exhibits an unexpected power depending on how it is used. Gravity.

Watching children jumping, it seems as if they are completely unaffected by gravity. Is it that gravity doesn't affect children, or that adults have simply lost the ability to jump/fly? There may be imaginative/open-minded adults that are still able to jump. This is an exhibit by various artists about adults who haven't discarded their ability to jump and continue to live among the stars.

Interacting with the power of the stars, the Art Museum has been enveloped in works that may seem to be tricks or practical jokes. Believing in the infinite creativity possible on earth, with all of our hearts and bodies, everyone, let's JUMP!

*Rough translation from the Japanese description on the Towada Art Center website.

9:00-17:00 Tuesday-Sunday (last admission 16:30)
Closed Mondays, or the following day if Monday is a National Holiday, but OPEN April 27 (Mon.), May 7 (Thu.), August 3 (Mon.), & August 10 (Mon.)
9:00-18:00 May 2-5, 2015

Permanent Exhibit + Special Exhibit “Set” Ticket (企画展+常設展セット券) 1000yen
Special Exhibit Only (企画展の個別料金): 600yen
(Permanent Exhibit Only: 500yen)

*Free admission for youth/children in high school or younger*

Towada Art Center 十和田市現代美術館 
10−9 Nishinibancho
Towada, Aomori Prefecture 034-0082, Japan
+81 176-20-1127

More Information:
Towada Art Center (Japanese/English):
PDF Exhibit Flyer (Japanese):

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