Monday, 31 August 2015

2015 Osorezan Aki Mairi

2015 Osorezan Aki Mairi

Osorezan is considered one of the three most sacred places in Japan.

Osorezan 恐山
Date: October 10-12, 2015
Time: 5:30-18:00
Location: Osorezan 恐山 (map)
Admission: Adults 500yen (400yen groups of 20+); Elementary & Junior High School Students: 200yen
イタコの口寄せ(itako no kuchiyose) - blind mediums ("itako") summon spirits of the departed to speak with the living

Osorezan 恐山
3-2 Usoriyama, Tanabu, Mutsu-shi, Aomori 035-0021

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Gururin Shimokita (Japanese):

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  1. Hi Presea

    I'm a researcher/filmmaker, and I'm going to be around during the festival as I'm investigating a very interesting subject: itako. I was wondering whether you were still living in Aomori prefecture, and if I could contact you privately for a couple of things I would love to ask you about the area.
    Thank you and I look forward to hearing from you.



    1. Hi Ilaria,

      Yes, I still live in Aomori. I'm not in the Shimokita area, though, so I don't know how helpful I can be, but I can try to answer some questions. Please reply/comment here with your email address and I will email you directly. (The comments are all moderated, so your email address won't be published. I will delete the comment after emailing you.)

    2. In case you see this before you see my email, just to let you know, I emailed you at your production company's email address.