Tuesday, 15 September 2015

Food on Sticks! Kushitomo

Izakaya Spotlight: Kushitomo 炭焼 串Tomo (くしとも)

Kushitomo is a little kushiyaki (food on skewers cooked over a charcoal grill) place that recently opened in Towada. The menu isn't very large, but everything is delicious.

Note: By default the skewer items are seasoned with natural sea salt, but you can request tare sauce if you prefer. Plates come with extra salt, but the skewers are already seasoned so it's best to try it before dipping into the salt. The minimum order for kushiyaki menu items is 2 skewers per item. Menu prices do not include tax.

Kushitomo Towada 十和田市 炭焼串Tomo くしとも
Kushitomo Towada 十和田市 炭焼串Tomo くしとも Kushitomo Towada 十和田市 炭焼串Tomo くしとも

Recommended Menu Items

Eggplant 120yen per skewer / Pork-Wrapped Asparagus 150yen per skewer
なす (Nasu) / アスパラ肉まき (Aspara Nikumaki)
Towada Kushitomo Eggplant Pork-Wrapped Asparagus 十和田市 串Tomo くしとも なす アスパラ肉まき

Pork-Wrapped Mini Tomatoes 150yen per skewer
ブートマ (Buutoma)
Towada Kushitomo Pork-Wrapped Mini-Tomatoes 十和田市 串Tomo くしとも ブートマ

Chicken with Yuzu (Citrus) & Chili Paste 140yen per skewer
ささみ柚子胡椒 (Sasami Yuzu Kosho)
Towada Kushitomo Chicken with Yuzu (Citrus) Chili Paste 十和田市 串Tomo くしとも ささみ柚子胡椒

Fried Avocado & Prosciutto 450yen
アボガドの生ハム揚げ (Abogado no Nama Ham Age)
Towada Kushitomo Fried Avocado & Prosciutto 十和田市 串Tomo くしとも アボガドの生ハム揚げ

Other Menu Items

Bacon-Wrapped Quail Egg 180yen per skewer / Chicken with Cheese 140yen per skewer
うずらベーコン (Uzura Bacon) / ささみチーズ (Sasami Cheese)
Towada Kushitomo Bacon-Wrapped Quail Egg Chicken with Cheese 十和田市 串Tomo くしとも うずらベーコン ささみチーズ

Chicken Gizzard  120 per skewer / Chicken Tail 110yen per skewer
砂肝 (Sunagimo) / ぼんじり (Bonjiri)
Towada Kushitomo Chicken Gizzard Chicken Tail 十和田市 串Tomo くしとも 砂肝 ぼんしり

Chicken Skin 皮 (Kawa) 100yen per skewer
Towada Kushitomo Chicken Skin 十和田市 串Tomo くしとも 皮

Handmade Chicken Meatball 130yen per skewer / Chicken Cartilege 120yen per skewer
手づくり つくね (Tezukuri Tsukune) / 軟骨 (Nankotsu)
Towada Kushitomo Handmade Chickenball & Chicken Cartilage 十和田市 串Tomo くしとも 手づくり つぬく 軟骨

Shiitake Mushroom 120yen per skewer / Eggplant with Cheese 140yen per skewer
しいたけ (Shiitake) / なすチーズ (Nasu Cheese)
Towada Kushitomo Shiitake Musthroom Eggplant with Cheese 十和田市 串Tomo くしとも しいたけ なすチーズ

Fried Camembert カマンベールフライ (Camembert Fry) 450yen
Towada Kushitomo Fried Camembert 十和田市 串Tomo くしとも カマンベールフライ

Hours: 18:00-22:00 (21:00 kushiyaki last order)
Price Range: 2000yen
Seating Charge: 180yen/person 
Nomihodai (all-you-can-drink): n/a
English/Picture Menu: n/a
Seating: Table (1 table x 3 seats*, 1 table x 4 seats, 1 table x 5 seats*) and Counter  (5 seats)
(*number of chairs/settings at the table, but enough space for 1 more person if chair/place setting is added)
Good For: Solo Dining; Couples; Small Groups
Reservations: generally not necessary, but recommended for groups of more than 4 people
Phone: 0176-25-1231
Parking: None (pay parking available nearby)
16-18 Inaoicho (十和田市稲生町16‐18)
Towada City, Aomori 034-0011

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