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Aspam New Year's Events 2016

Aspam New Year's Events 2016
2016アスパムお正月イベント (Aspam Oshougatsu Event)
Aspam New Year's Oshougatsu Events 2016 flyer 青森観光物産館 アスパムお正月イベント 平成28年

Date: January 1-3, 2016
Time: 9:00-18:00
Location: Aomori Prefecture Tourist Center Aspam 1st, 2nd, 13th, and 14th floors
青森県観光物産館アスパム1階、2階、13階、14階 (map)
Admission: Free
  • Free Mochi Making (January 1, 11:00~ & 13:00~)
  • Free Shamisen Performances (January 1-3, 11:30~, 14:00~, 15:00~)
  • Japanese Kite Picture Painting (January 2-3, 10:00-15:00, 500yen)
  • "Hatsu Uri 初売り" (first sales of the year)
    • Fukubukuro 福袋
      ("Lucky Bags": mystery bags filled with goods with a guaranteed minimum value)
      • Aspam Butsusan アスパム物産
        January 1~, 9:00-18:00* (*until sold out)
        1000yen (2500yen value)
        2000yen (3500yen value)
        3000yen (4500yen value)
      • JF Aomori Gyoren (Fishing Cooperative) JF青森漁連
        January 1-3, 9:30-18:00* (*or until sold out)
        2000yen (limited quantities: 5/day)
        3000yen (limited quantities: 5/day)
      • Aomori Hokusaikan 青森北彩館
        January 1~, 9:00-18:00* (*until sold out)
        2000yen (5000yen value, 20 total, limit 1 per customer)
      • Nanbu Kohaku 南部琥珀
        January 1-11, 9:00-18:00
        Make your "lucky bag"! Pick things that you like and get a special discount. Examples:
        16,200yen value → 10,000yen
        49,680yen value → 30,000yen
        183,600yen value → 100,000yen
      • Sweets Factory pampam
        January 1~, 9:00-18:00* (*until sold out)
        1000yen Baked Goods Assortment
    • Special Promotions
      • Aomori Prefecture Jiba Select 青森県地場セレクト
        January 1-3, 9:00-18:00* (*first 50 customers only)
        Free Present with Purchase over 2000yen (1 per customer)
        Present Selections: 1 Kogin Sashi Embroidered Diary (large); 5 packs Cypress Oil; 2 Packs Drip Coffee; 1 Bottle Jinko-Chan Cider; 2 Bottles Ringokko
      • Lounge Century ラウンジ・センチュリー
        50yen Soft Drink Discount (Regular 160yen → 110yen)
      • Michinoku Ryouri Nishimura みちのく料理 西むら
        January 1-3, 11:00-21:30* (*closes 20:30 on January 1 & 3)
        Free glass or Densyu Sake or Apple Juice with order of course meal
      • Dining Cafe Hanaafu ダイニング カフェ はなぁふ
        Free oshiruko (sweet red bean soup) with meal purchase
      • Prize Drawing
        January 1-3, 9:00-18:00, 1st floor Information
        Chance to win vouchers for use at Aspam
        1 entry for every 2000yen worth of receipts 
Aomori Prefecture Tourist Center Aspam 青森県観光物産館アスパム
1-1-40 Yasukata (青森市安方1-1-40)
Aomori, Aomori Prefecture 030-0803

More Information:
Aomori Prefecture Tourist Center Aspam Website (Japanese): http://www.aomori-kanko.or.jp/web/event_detail.html?id=00005478

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