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All-Japan Zuguri Top Spinning Championship 2016

28th Annual All-Japan Zuguri Top Spinning Championship 2016
第28回全日本ずぐり回し選手権大会 (Zen Nihon Zuguri Mawashi Senshukentaikai)

"Zuguri" is a Tsugaru-area specially top designed to spin well even on top of snow, making it a traditional toy/game that is perfect for the heavy snowfalls of Tsugaru winters. The competition is free and open to all ages and genders--no experience necessary!
Kuroishi City 28th Annual All-Japan Zuguri Mawashi Top Spinning Championship 2016 flyer 第28回全日本ずぐり回し選手権大会 黒石市 平成28年 チラシ表

Date: Saturday February 13, 2016
Time: 10:00-13:30 (Registration from 9:00)
(Depending on number of registrants, at-door registration may be allowed)
Location: Kuroishi City Yokomachi Hiroba (Plaza) 黒石市 横町広場 (map)
Fee: None (all participants will receive a free commemorative memento)
  • 9:00-10:00 Registration
  • 10:00~ Opening Ceremony
  • 10:30~ Competition Begins
  • 11:30~ Free "Yosare Nabe よされ鍋" *100 servings only*
    (chicken & vegetables simmered in your choice of 2 out of 4 different types of broth with rice udon to finish)
  • 12:50~ Closing Ceremony
  • 13:00~ Prize Drawing
Zuguri Top Size Specificiations:
Zuguri tops can be no more than 15cm in diameter. Rental zuguri are available.

Nursery/Pre-School (Senior Class) Division

Women's Division 
※It is not possible to register for both the Women's Division and the General Division

Elementary School 1st & 2nd Grader Division
Elementary School 3rd & 4th Grader Division
Elementary School 5th & 6th Grader Division
Junior & Senior High School Student Division
※If there are fewer than 3 participants in one of the divisions, the division will be merged with the next (higher) level division

⑤一般の部 A組・B組(上記①~④の部より年齢が上の方)
General Division Groups A & B (for participants older than the above 1-4 divisions)
※After registration for the General Division has closed, participants will be divided into Groups A & B by random lottery
※It is not possible to register for both the Women's Division and the General Division

Pair Division 
Pair = 1 Elementary Student (or younger) and 1 Junior High School Student (or Older)
Maximum 20 Pairs, First Come, First Served
※Since pairs compete simultaneously, it is not possible to register for multiple teams (e.g. 1 adult forming half a pair with two different elementary school students)

Grand Championship Division (1st Place Winner from Divisions 1-5)
※Nursery/Pre-School (Senior Class) Division, Women's Division, and Pair Division winners do not participate in the Grand Championship

  • ★ Nursery/Pre-School (Senior Class) and ★ Women's Division 1st-3rd Place Winners Receive Prizes on the Spot
  • ★ Nursery/Pres-School (Senior Class) Division 1st Place Winner Receive Special Extra-Large Zuguri Trophy (Tsugaru Kokeshi Craftsmen Association President's Award)
  • ⑥ Pair Division 1st-3rd Place Winners will receive Certificates, Prizes, and Special Extra-Large Zuguri Trophies
  • ①~③ Elementary, ④ Junior High, & Senior High School, and ⑤ General Division 1st Place Winners will be awarded Certificates, Prizes, and Special Extra-Large Zuguri Trophies during the ☆Grand Championship Division award ceremony; 2nd-3rd Place Winners will receive Certificates and Prizes
  • The ④ Junior & Senior High School Division 1st Place Winner will also receive a maximum 100,000yen Study Abroad Grant
Submit the registration form (see English version below for reference) to one of the following locations by Monday, February 8, 2016:
  • Kuroishi Chamber of Commerce & Industry 黒石商工会議所
    TEL 0172-52-4316 FAX 0172-53-3875
  • Kuroishi Tourist Association 黒石観光協会
    TEL 0172-52-3488 FAX 0172-53-5032
  • Kuroishi City Hall Commerce, Industry & Sightseeing Division 黒石市役所商工観光課
    TEL 0172-52-2111
  • Kuroishi Post Office 黒石郵便局
    TEL 0172-52-4213
Kuroishi All-Japan Zuguri Top Spinning Championship 2016 Registration Form 平成28年 黒石市 全日本ずぐり回し選手権大会

More Information:
Kuroishi Tourist Association (Japanese): http://kuroishi.or.jp/event/winter/zuguri

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