Thursday, 28 January 2016

Ohata & Yagen Snow Light

Snow Light 雪あかり (Yuki Akari)
Ohata & Yagen Snow Light Yuki Akari flyer 下北半島むつ市大畑町薬研温泉郷園地 雪あかり チラシ

Date: Saturday, February 20, 2016
Time: 15:00-20:00 (cancelled in the event of poor weather)
Locations: Former Ohata Station (Shimokita Kotsu Company Ohata Branch)  旧大畑駅(下北交通大畑出張所) (map) & Yagen Valley 薬研温泉郷園地周辺
Admission: Free

Venue 1: City & Sea Lights Zone (Former Ohata Station)
  • Ohata City & Sea Lights (16:00~)
    Over 400 candles and snow candles made by children in Ohata illuminate the former train station platform, ferry, &etc.
  • "Kiha" Diesel Train Car Light Up (16:00~)
  • "Kiha" Diesel Train Tea Party (15:00~17:00)
    Free matcha distributed inside the "Kiha" diesel train (first 100 people only).
  • Free "Kiha" Mini-Concert (17:00-18:30)
  • Winter "Pride of Ohata" Market (15:00-20:00)
  • Handmade Candle Workshop (15:00~)
    Ends when materials run out, materials fee charged
  • Winter Large Dragon & Skyrocket Fireworks (19:15~19:25)
Venue 2: Forest Lights Zone (Yagen Valley)
  • Yagen Forest Lights (16:00~)
    Snow candles illuminate the Yagen Park Grove area
  • Ushitora Coffee Shop @ Yagen Onsen (15:00~20:00)
  • Kamakura (snow hut) & "Forest" Snow Slide (may be cancelled if not enough snow)

Former Ohata Station (Shimokita Kotsu Company Ohata Branch)

Koshindo-60 (むつ市大畑町庚申堂60)
Ohatamachi, Mutsu, Aomori Prefecture 039-4401

(Please park at the Former Maeda Ohata Branch or Former Naritaya 旧マエダ大畑店・旧成田屋)

Yagen Valley (薬研温泉郷園地周辺)
Yagen Valley (むつ市大畑町薬研)
Ohatamachi, Mutsu, Aomori 039-4401

(Please park at the Ushiyu no Sato Parking Lot 丑湯の里駐車場)

More Information:
Gururin Shimokita (Japanese):
Yagen Valley 400th Anniversary Facebook Page (Japanese):

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