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Towada Art Center Special Exhibit Genius loci - The Higashikawa Awards

Towada Art Center Special Exhibit: January 30, 2016 (Sat.) – May 15, 2016 (Sun.)

Genius loci - The Higashikawa Awards -
(地霊 − 呼び覚まされしもの 〜写真の町東川賞コレクションより〜)

Genius loci - The Higashikawa Awards - Towada Art Center Special Exhibit flyer 地霊ー呼び覚まされしもの~写真の町東川賞コレクションより~ 十和田現代美術館 特別展 チラシ


In 1985, Higashikawa Town (Kamikawa District, Hokkaido) declared itself "The Photography Town" and started an annual summer international photography festival, the "Higashikawa International Photo Festival."Along with the festival, the Higashikawa Awards were established. For over 30 years, the Higashikawa Awards have served to recognize, collect, and exhibit the works of both domestic and international photographers. Along with the International Artist Award, Domestic Artist Award, New Artist Award, and Special Artist Award (works from Hokkaido-born artists or artists residing in Hokkaido, or Hokkaido-themed works), in 2010 the Hidano Kazuemon Award, a new award honouring the memory of Kazuemon Hidano, a Higashikawa Town photographer, was established. The works selected for this new award are uniformly excellent and will certainly form a valuable collection.

This exhibit will introduce works from the Higashikawa Awards collection selected based on the theme "Chirei - Things Awakened."  "Chirei (genius loci)" are protective spirits residing in the land. When photographers take photos of scenery or people's daily lives, they reveal the existence of the chirei--perhaps at the moment they click the camera shutter they are actually trying to call them forth. We hope you will enjoy the profound realm revealed through these works.

*Rough translation from the Japanese description on the Towada Art Center website.

Exhibited Artists

Group I: Connections Between the Living and Dead

Group II: Land and Life
  • Kazuemon Hidano (2001 Special Artist Award)

Group III: Exchanges with Spirits
  • Genichiro Kakegawa (1991 Special Artist Award)

  • Kim Young-Nam (1995 International Artist Award)

  • Claudio Edinger (1999 International Artist Award)

  • Manit Sriwanichipoom (2007 International Artist Award)

  • Makiko UI (2012 Special Artist Award)

  • Jorma Puranen (2014 International Artist Award)

Guest Curator: Kotaro Iizawa

Related Events:
  • Opening Reception オープニングレセプション
    Date: Saturday January 30, 2016
    Time: 17:00-18:30
    Admission: Special Exhibit Admission Ticket Required
    Reservations: Not Required

  • Artist Talk アーティストトーク
    Guest: Lieko Shiga
    Moderator: Kotaro Iizawa
    Date: Sunday January 31, 2016
    Time: 14:00-15:30
    Admission: Special Exhibit Admission Ticket Required (FREE for high school aged students and younger)
    Reservations:Accepted/Prioritized, Max. 50 participants

  • Portfolio Review ポートフォリオ・レビュー
    Lecturer: Kotaro Iizawa
    Date: Saturday March 12, 2016
    Time: 13:00-15:00
    Admission: 1500yen (includes 1 drink)
    Reservations: Required, Max. 12 participants
    Notes: Portfolio not required; seeing the works of others is also important! No restrictions on the number or size of portfolio pieces, but please keep the number of works limited in order to allow enough time for all participants' portfolios to be reviewed.

  • Talk Series: Talking About Ichiro Kojima
    Guest: 高橋しげみ Shigemi Takahashi, Aomori Prefectural Art Museum Curator
    Moderator: Kotaro Iizawa
    Date: Saturday April 9, 2016
    Time: 14:00-15:30
    Admission: Special Exhibit Admission Ticket Required (FREE for high school aged students and younger)
    Reservations: Accepted/Prioritized, Max. 50 participants

  • Talk Series: Initiatives of Higashikawa, Hokkaido The Photography Town
    Guest: 吉里演子 Hiroko Yoshizato, Higashikawa Town Staff Member
    Date: Saturday April 23, 2016
    Time: 10:30-12:00
    Admission: Special Exhibit Admission Ticket Required (FREE for high school aged students and younger)
    Reservations: Accepted/Prioritized, Max. 50 participants
9:00-17:00* Tuesday-Sunday (last admission 16:30)
*Extended hours May 3-4, 2016: 9:00-18:00 (last admission 17:30)*
Closed Mondays, or the following day if Monday is a National Holiday**
**Open Monday, April 25, and Monday, May 2, 2016**

Permanent Exhibit + Special Exhibit “Set” Ticket (企画展+常設展セット券) 1000yen
Special Exhibit Only (企画展の個別料金): 600yen
(Permanent Exhibit Only: 500yen)
100yen discount for groups of 20 or more

*Free admission for youth/children in high school or younger*

Towada Art Center 十和田市現代美術館  10−9 Nishinibancho
Towada, Aomori Prefecture 034-0082, Japan
+81 176-20-1127

More Information:
Towada Art Center (Japanese/English): http://towadaartcenter.com
Genius loci Exhibit Page (Japanese): http://towadaartcenter.com/web/exhibition_genius-loci.html
Higashikawa International Photo Festival (Japanese/English): http://photo-town.jp/

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