Wednesday, 17 February 2016

Aomori Bar-Gai 2016 Vol 7

Aomori Bar-Gai 2016 Vol 7 あおもりバル街

Enjoy a special "bar menu" (1 drink + small appetizer/snack) at a maximum of five participating drinking establishments in Aomori City.
Aomori Bar-Gai 2016 Vol 7 poster あおもりバル街 ポスター

Date: Saturday February 27, 2016
Time: 16:00-24:00
Location: Various (Aomori City)
(Full list of participating establishments (in Japanese) here)
Admission: 5 tickets for 3500yen Advance; 4000yen At-Door
Ticket Use Terms/Conditions:
  • Present ticket at participating establishment to receive the "bar menu" (1 drink + small appetizer/snack)
  • Tickets can also be used to pay for rides on the event date with Aomori Taxi Association Affiliated taxis  (青森市タクシー協会加盟). Maximum 1 ticket/ride (700yen value). Can NOT be used for Koufuku Taxi (幸福タクシー). 

Ticket Purchase Locations:
Advance Purchase:
  • さくら野百貨店 Sakurano Aomori (map)
  • 中三青森店 Nakasan Aomori (map)
  • サンロード青森 Sunroad Aomori (map)
  • 青森県庁生協・青森県民生協各店  Aomori Kencho Coop (map) & Aomori Coop Locations
  • 成田本店しんまち店 Narita Shoten (Bookstore) Shinmachi Branch (map)
  • 青森市役所売店 Aomori City Hall (map)
  • 問屋町ストア Tonyamachi Store (map)
  • あおもりバル街参加店 Aomori Bar-Gai Participating Establishments
  • 青森商工会議所 Aomori Chamber of Commerce and Industry (map)
  • インターネット販売→「ポみっと!チケット」 Pomitto! Ticket
Day-Of Purchase:
  • アウガ1階エントランスフロア(16:00~20:00) Auga 1st Floor (map)
More Information:
Aomori Bar-Gai Facebook Page (Japanese):

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