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Aomori Masakari (Shimokita) Peninsula Photo Contest 2016

Aomori Masakari (Shimokita) Peninsula Photo Contest 2016
(Aomori Masakari Hantou Photo Contest)

Submission call for photographs that promote Shimokita by showing its charms and giving viewers a sense of the beauty of its four seasons.

Aomori Masakari (Shimokita) Peninsula Photo Contest 2016 poster 平成28年 下北 青森まさかり半島フォトコンテスト ポスター
Contest Details
  • Theme: Photos that promote Shimokita as a geopark, or promote tourism to municipalities by showing its local charms and giving viewers a sense of the beauty of the seasons.
  • Contest Sponsor/Judge:Shimokita Kankou Kyogi Kai (Shimokita Tourism Convention)
  • Contest Awards & Prizes
    • Special Prize (1): 100,000 yen in Travel Vouchers + Certificate
    • Special Prize Runners-Up (2): 50,000 yen in Travel Vouchers + Certificate
    • Prize Selection (10): Shimokita Specialty Products (~10,000 yen value) + Certificate
      (Includes one selection from each municipality)
  • Result Announcements: Results will be announced in mid-October.
    (Winners' name, age, place of current residence, and occupation or school/grade will be announced.)
  • Copyright:
    • Contest sponsors will be granted rights to winning works. 
    • Winners must provide the originals (negatives, positives, data files) for the winning works.
    • Contest sponsors reserve the right to use winning works royalty-free for exhibits, promotional materials, etc. and in the 2017 Recyclable - Fuel Storage Company free calendar. If permission to use the works for these purposes cannot be granted, the works cannot be accepted as contest entries.
    • Non-winning works will not be used for exhibits, copied/reproduced, etc.

Entry Requirements/Restrictions:
  • Photo Size/Specifications: 
    • A4 Size (210x27mm) colour prints only
    • Composite and collage photographs not allowed
    • Photos must have been taken in Shimokita in or after January 2015
    • Eligible Photo Locations/Subjects:
      1. Mutsu City, Mutsu Area: Osorezan, Kamafuseyama, Ashizaki Sandbanks, Tonamigaoka
        (むつ地区 恐山・釜臥山・芦崎の砂嘴・斗南丘)
      2. Mutsu City, Kawauchi Area: Abeshiro Mine Remains, Kawauchi River Gorge, Kawauchi Dam Area, Nodai
        (川内地区 安部城鉱山跡・川内渓流・川内ダム周辺・野平)
      3. Mutsu City, Ohata Area: Yagen Onsen (Hot Spring), Chidirihama
        (大畑地区 薬研渓流・ちぢり浜)
      4. Mutsu City, Ajinosawa Area: Taijima, Kusoudomari
        (脇野沢地区 鯛島・九艘泊周辺)
      5. Yokohama Town: Canola Fields
        (横浜町 菜の花畑)
      6. Oma Town: Omazaki Cape, Tsubanazaki, Akaishi Beach
        (大間町 大間崎・津鼻崎・赤石海岸)
      7. Higashidori Village: Cape Shiriyazaki, Iwaya Cost, Shirikari Beach, Hiba Cypress Submerged Forest
        (東通村 尻屋埼・岩屋海岸・尻労浜・ヒバ埋没林)
      8. Kazamaura Village: Shimofuro Onsen (Hot Spring)(風間浦村 下風呂温泉郷)
      9. Sai Village: Gankake-iwa (Lover's Wishing Rock), Hotogaura, Nuiodoishiyama 
        (佐井村 願掛岩・仏ヶ浦・縫道石山)

      10. *Local Shimokita culture, traditional arts/performing arts, festivals, foods, wildlife (Japanese monkeys, horses in the winter), etc. are also acceptable photo subjects

  • Max. Submissions: Unlimited (professional or amateur)
    (Note: Multiple prizes will not be awarded to the same photographer.)
  • Only unpublished works should be submitted

Entry Submission Information:
  • Please attach an entry form (see translated sample below) to the back of each photograph submitted
    Aomori Masakari (Shimokita) Peninsula Photo Contest 2016 entry form English translation 平成28年 下北 青森まさかり半島フォトコンテスト 応募用紙英語訳
  • OR Attach a sheet of paper with the following information to the back of submission photographs:
    1. 撮影者氏名(ふりがな) Photographer's Full Name (& Furigana Reading)
    2. 性別 Gender
    3. 年齢 Age
    4. 職業又は学校 Occupation or School Name
    5. 郵便番号・住所 Postal Code & Address
    6. 電話番号 Phone Number
    7. 写真の題名 Photograph Title
    8. 撮影場所 Location photograph was taken
    9. 撮影年月日 Date photograph was taken

  • Submit entries to:
    一般社団法人 下北観光協議会

  • Deadline: Entries must by received by Friday September 30, 2016
  • Return of Photographs: Entry submissions will NOT be returned.

Shimokita Kankou Kyogi Kai (Shimokita Tourism Convention)
1 Chome-8-1 Chūō, Mutsu City, Aomori Prefecture 035-0073
Tel: 0175-31-1270 Fax: 0175-23-7960

More Information:
Gururin Shimokita (Japanese):

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