Friday, 4 March 2016

Bankoku Horafuki Tall Tales Contest 2016

Bankoku Horafuki Tall Tales Contest 2016
第21回 万国ホラ吹き大会 仙人の道
(Bankoku Horafuki Taikai Sennin no Michi)

In Owani Town, there is a saying, "You can't talk big until you've seen the Ishi no Tou*.

*Note: Ishi no Tou is a gigantic 24m-tall, 74m-circumference natural stone formation at the border of Owani Town (Aomori Prefecture) and Akita Prefecture.*
Owani Town Ishi no Tou 大鰐町 石の塔
"Ishi no Tou" (Source: Owani Town Website)
Based on this local proverb, the event starts with climbing the Ishi no Tou to receive a "bragging rights license" (small wooden plaque). Afterward at the competition venue, the contestants have five minutes to tell fantastic stories, wild tales, etc. to make the audience laugh and to compete for the title of best teller of tall tales.

Date: Saturday June 4, 2016
Time: 9:00-16:00 (Bus to Ishi no Tou leaves Owani Station at 8:00)
  • Ishi no Tou 石の塔 (map)
  • Owani Town Chiiki Kouryuu Center WaniCome 大鰐町地域交流センター鰐Come (map)
Admission: 1500yen
Cost Includes:
  1. 大法螺吹き免許証 Bragging Rights License
  2. 大鰐もやし汁(おにぎり付き) Owani Bean Sprout Soup + Rice Ball
  3. ホラ吹き大会入場券 Admission to the Competition
  4. 会場までの送迎バスご乗車 Bus to/from Venue
  5. 鰐come『鰐の湯』入浴券 Wanicome "Wani no Yu" Hot Spring Admission
  6. お楽しみ抽選会 Prize Drawing Entry Ticket

Owani Town Chiiki Kouryuu Center Wanicome 大鰐町地域交流センター鰐come
Kawabe-11-11 (青森県南津軽郡大鰐町大鰐川辺11−11)
Owani, Minamitsugaru District, Aomori Prefecture 038-0211

More Information:
Tsugaru Navi (Japanese):

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