Thursday, 31 March 2016

Gonohe Spring Festival 2016

Gonohe Spring Festival 2016
(Gonohe Haru Matsuri)

Usher in the start of spring with good food, music, dancing, and more.

Gonohe Haru Matsuri Spring Festival 2016 poster 平成28年 五戸春まつり  ポスター

Date: Saturday April 23, 2016
Time: 12:00-15:00
Location: Rekishi Mirai Park Shibafu Hiroba 歴史みらいパーク芝生広場 (map)
(In front of the Gonohe Town Library 五戸町図書館前)
Alternate Venue (in the event of rain): Gonohe Town Kominkan (Community Center) Shou Hall
戸町立公民館小ホール (map)
Admission: Free
  • 12:00~15:00 Food Stalls 屋台コーナー
  • 12:10~12:40 Gonohe Enburi 五戸えんぶり
  • 12:45~13:15 Shovel Shamisen スコップ三味線
  • 13:20~13:50 Song & Dance Show 唄と踊りのショー
  • 13:45~15:00 Karaoke Festival カラオケ祭り
    (Open to All, Please Bring Your Own CD, etc.)
Food Stall Tickets:
  • Sale Period: ~April 15, 2016, AM
  • Cost: 1000yen (300yen tickets x 3 & 1 onigiri (rice ball) ticket
  • Purchase Location: Gonohe Town Tourism Association 五戸町観光協会 (map)

Rekishi Mirai Park 歴史みらいパーク
1-1 Tate (青森県三戸郡五戸町字舘1−1)
Gonohe Town, Sannohe District, Aomori Prefecture

More Information:
Gonohe Town Tourism Association (Japanese):「五戸春まつり」開催のお知らせ-2/

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