Tuesday, 1 March 2016

Hirosaki Park Photo Contest 2016

Hirosaki Park Photo Contest 2016
(Hirosaki Kouen Shashin Contest)

Submission call for photographs that make people want to visit Hirosaki Park.

Hirosaki Park Photo Contest 2016 poster Hirosaki Kouen Shashin Contest 平成28年 弘前公園写真コンテスト ポスター

Contest Details
  • Theme: Photos that show the beauty of Hirosaki Park's four seasons, the smiles of visitors, the splendour of Hirosaki Park, etc. and make people want to visit Hirosaki Park and/or to experience the atmosphere of that place & time.
  • Contest Sponsor/Judge: Canon Precision Inc.
  • Contest Awards & Prizes
    • Special Prize (Canon Precision Award) (1): 20,000yen + Canon Single Lens Reflex Camera + Certificate
    • Prize Selection (2): 10,000yen + Certificate
    • Honourable Mention (7): 3,000yen + Certificate
  • Result Announcements: 
    • Winners will be contacted directly. 
    • Results will be announced in newspapers, etc. in mid-October.
  • Contest Photograph Exhibit: 
    • Photographs will be published on the Hirosaki Tourism and Convention Bureau website: http://www.hirosaki-kanko.or.jp/  
    • Photographs will be exhibited within Hirosaki Park during the Hirosaki Castle Chrysanthemum & Autumn Foliage Festival.
  • Copyright: 
    • Contest sponsors will be granted rights to winning works. 
    • Winners must provide the originals (negatives, positives, data files) for the winning works.
    • Some submitted entries may be used for Hirosaki Tourism Guides (provided permission is granted by the photographer).
Entry Requirements/Restrictions:
  • Photo Size/Specifications: 
    • Yotsukiri Size 四ツ切サイズ 254x305mm (including Wide Yotsukiri ワイド四ツ 254x366mm)
    • Photos must have been taken at Hirosaki Park between August 2015-August 2016
    • No restriction on photo subject/contents
    • Colour prints only
    • Composite and collage photographs are not allowed
  • Max. Submissions: 3 photos per person (professional or amateur)
  • Only unpublished works should be submitted
Entry Submission Information:
  • Attach a sheet of paper with the following information to the back of submission photographs:
    • 写真の題名 Photgraph Title
    • 撮影場所 Location photograph was taken
    • 撮影カメラ機種 Camera Model Used
    • 住所 Address
    • 氏名 Photographer's Full Name
    • 年齢 Age
    • 性別 Gender
    • 職業 Occupation (For students, include school name and year/grade)
    • 電話番号 Phone Number

  • Submit entries to:
    弘前城菊と紅葉まつり運営委員会 事務局

  • Deadline: Entries must by received by Wednesday August 31, 2016
  • Return of Photographs: Winning entries will not be returned. Non-winning entries will be returned.
Hirosaki Castle Chrysanthemum and Autumn Foliage Festival Steering Committee Office
Hirosaki Tourism and Convention Bureau, Hirosaki Park Photo Contest Division
2-1 Shimoshiroganechō, Hirosaki City, Aomori Prefecture 036-8356
Tel: 0172-35-3131 Fax: 0172-35-3132

More Information: Hirosaki Tourism and Convention Bureau Website (Japanese): http://www.hirosaki-kanko.or.jp/web/edit.html?id=photocontes

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