Wednesday, 9 March 2016

Tsugaru-Nakasato Station Festival 2016

Tsugaru-Nakasato Station Festival
(Tsugaru-Nakasato Eki "Eki Naka" Matsuri)

An event celebrating the opening of the Hokkaido Shinkansen bullet train and the start of bus service between the (Shinkansen station) Okutsugaru-Imabetsu Station and Tsugaru-Nakasato Station.
Tsugaru-Nakasato Station Festival 2016 poster 平成28年 津軽中里「駅ナカ」まつり  ポスター Tsugaru-Nakasato Eki "Eki Naka" Matsuri

Date: Saturday March 26, 2016
Time: 10:00-15:00
Admission: Free
Location: Tsugaru Railway Line Tsugaru-Nakasato Station 津軽鉄道線 津軽中里駅 (map)
Free Parking:
(Parking spaces are limited. Please use public transportation if possible.)

  • Nakadomari Town Hall 中泊町役場駐車場 (map)
  • Michinoku Bank Nakasato Branch みちのく銀行中里支店駐車場 (map)
  • Nakazato Nursery Grounds 元中里保育所敷地内 (map)
  • 10:00~ Opening Tsugaru Shamisen Performance
  • 10:00~15:00 Local Product Sales
  • 10:10~ Free Kinta Mamejo Puppet Play*
  • 10:40~ Local Mascot Characters on Stage
  • 11:00~ Free Gappara Mochi** (first 200 people)
  • 11:05~ Local Performing Arts On Stage
  • 12:00~ Cheers! Praying for Road Safety for the New Bus!
    (Free Apple Juice Distribution - first 200 people)
  • 12:15~ Shirizumo Competition***
  • 13:00~ Free Shijimi Clam Soup (first 200 people)
  • 13:40~ Rock, Paper, Scissors Shinkansen Game
  • 14:00~ Goshogawara City Kanagi Junior High School Brass Band Club Concert
  • 15:00 Finale Lucky Bean Throwing
*Kinta Mamejo Puppet Play: Nakadomari Town-designated intangible folk cultural property
**Gappara Mochi: fried crushed rice sweetened with sugar
***Shirizumo: a.k.a. butt sumo, contestants stand back to back and at the start signal bend over, pushing their backsides against each other to try to make their opponent lose their balance

Tsugaru-Nakasato Station 津軽中里駅

More Information:
Aomori Prefectural Government Website (Japanese):

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