Friday, 15 April 2016

Cherry Blossom of Aomori Photo Contest 2016

Cherry Blossom of Aomori Photo Contest 2016
(Aomori no Sakura Photo Contest)

Submission call for cherry blossom photographs that show the attractiveness of spring in Aomori.

Contest Details
  • Theme: Aomori's Cherry Blossoms
  • Contest Sponsor/Judge: Aomori no Miryoku 青森の魅力
  • Contest Awards & Prizes Awards & Prizes will be awarded based on the whims of the Contest Sponsors
  • Result Announcements: Late May
  • Copyright: 
    • Photographers will retain the rights to winning works in principal.
    • However, the sponsors reserve the right to use submitted works for the following purposes:
      • Posting to the "Aomori no Miryoku" website and/or Facebook Page
      • Printing in the sponsoring organizations' PR & other printed materials
Entry Requirements/Restrictions:
  • Photo Size/Specifications: 
    • 5 MB in size or less
    • No restrictions on photo subject/date/location within Aomori
  • Max. Submissions: None
  • Smart phone photographs are acceptable
  • Photographs must have been taken by the submitter
Entry Submission Information:
  • Upload your photo to the Facebook Event Website with the following information:
    • 日付 Date (Photograph was Taken)
    • 作品タイトル Photgraph Title
    • スポット・場所 Location photograph was taken
    • 作品に対するコメント Comment Regarding the Photo

  • Deadline: Sunday May 8, 2016
More Information:
Official Facebook Event Page (Japanese):

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