Friday, 6 May 2016

Aiuchi Mushiokuri 2016

Aiuchi (no) Mushiokuri 2016 相内の虫送り

(Mushiokuri is an event to drive away crop-eating insects. It usually involves a procession with a long, snake-like straw effigy.)

Aiuchi Mushiokuri is a Goshogawara City designated Important Intangible Cultural Property with a long history and which is considered to be a prototypical Tsugaru area Mushiokuri. It is held after rice field planting (2nd Saturday of June, annually) and is an event to pray for an abundant harvest and good health for the year. The crucial sword dance of Mushiokuri is said to represent Sakanoue no Tamuramaro's conquest of the Emishi people in Northern Honshu during the early Heian period.

Accompanying the large 5-metre-long snake-like straw effigy in the procession are sword-wielding dancers, flute, drum & hand cymbal players, etc. When watching the parade, pay attention to the uniquely shaped (compared to other areas) "swords" as well as the head of the effigy.

Aiuchi Mushiokuri 相内の虫送り 五所川原市 Goshogawara City
Photo Source: Aomori Prefectural Government Website

Date: Saturday June 11, 2016
Location: Goshogawara City, Aiuchi Area 五所川原市相内地区 (map)
Admission: Free

Goshogawara City, Aiuchi Area 五所川原市相内地区

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