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Lake Towada Walk 2016

Lake Towada Walk 2016
(Towadako Walk)

Enjoy nature--the smell of trees and water, the sound of the breeze--as you walk around Lake Towada.
Date: Sunday July 24, 2016 (rain or shine)
Time: 5:00-17:00
Location: Towadako Elementary School Grounds (Towadako Yasumiya)
十和田湖小学校グラウンド(十和田湖・休屋) (map)
Participant Eligibility:
  • Open to all ages, genders, etc.
  • Elementary school aged participants and younger must be accompanied by a parent/guardian
  • Participants requiring special support, etc. should be accompanied by someone who can provide the necessary support 
Full Course
Family Course
Meeting Time
Opening Ceremony
Start Time
*Family Course participants will go by boat to the course start point (Nenokuchi, 11:45 arrival).

    Fees (includes transportation for Family Course)
    (A portion of the fees will be donated to the Kumamoto Earthquake recovery efforts)
  • Adults: 2,500yen
  • Junior High School Students: 1,800yen
  • Elementary School Students: 1,200yen

  • Registration Procedure:
  • ① Submit registration forms either by mail or e-mail.
    • Mail:
      〒031-0813 八戸市新井田字鷹待場15-14
           MTC21 十和田湖ウォーク事務局
      (Takamachiba-15-14 Niida, Hachinohe City, Aomori Prefecture 031-0813
      MTC21 Towada Walk Executive Office)
      Lake Towada Walk 2016 Sample Translated Registration Form 第39回十和田湖ウォーク コース参加申込書 Towadako
    • E-Mail: mtc21[at]
      Include the following information for each participant:
      1. 氏名 Full Name
      2. 性別 Gender
      3. 年齢 Age
      4. 郵便番号 Postal Code
      5. 住所 Address
      6. 電話番号 Phone Number
      7. コース名 Course Name
      8. 参加費 Fee Amount
      - For large groups, please attach the information in an Excel or PDF file.
      - When registering multiple people at one time, please make it clear who is the representative for the group.

  • ② Remit payment to the event account through Japan Post
    - 口座番号 Account Number: 02200-3-57549
    - 口座名 Account Name: MTC21

  • Registration Deadline: Saturday June 2, 2016

  • ③ After the registration information and payment has been confirmed, participants/the group representative will be mailed registration numbers (which double as start order numbers). Registration numbers will be assigned in the order that forms/payment are received.

General Notes/Cautions:
  • You will receive a number cloth at registration. Your number will be checked at various check points (see map) so please wear the number cloth during the event.
  • Water (500mk) will be available at various points (see map) along the course.
  • Participants will receive a certificate of completion after finishing the event.
  • Please take your garbage home with you.
  • Bathrooms at the start point are expected to be crowded before the event starts, so please leave sufficient time to make use of the facilities if necessary.
  • Support Buses (支援バス) are located at various points along the course. If you are unable to continue the walk, you can take the bus back to the goal.
  • If you do not reach the Okawatai check point by 15:00, you will not be able to complete the course by 17:00 and will be taken to the goal by bus.
  • If you show your number cloth upon leaving, the parking fee for the whole day will be only 500yen.
  • July 23-24, 2016 Contact Number: 080-6019-6853
Lake Towada Walk 2016 Course Map 第39回十和田湖ウォーク コース地図 Towadako

Towadako Elementary School 十和田湖小学校
Okuse Towadakohanyasumiya 16-1 (青森県十和田市奥瀬十和田湖畔休屋16−1)
Towada City, Aomori Prefecture 018-5501

More Information:
Event Website (Japanese):

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