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Hirosaki Bar-Gai 2016 Vol 11

Hirosaki Bar-Gai 2016 Vol 11 弘前バル街

Enjoy a summer night of eating, drinking, and performances in Hirosaki.

Hirosaki Bar-Gai 2016 Vol 11 弘前バル街 flyer チラシ

Date: Saturday July 9, 2016
Time: 14:00-24:00
Location: Various (Hirosaki City, Aomori)
  • 17:00~ Opening Ceremony
    (かだれ横丁前 In front of Kadare Yokocho (map)) 
  • 18:00~ Performances 
    • かだれ横丁 Kadare Yokocho (map)
    • 土手町コミュニティパーク Dotemachi Community Park (website)
    • フォーク酒BARてふてふ Folk Saka Bar Chou Chou (map)
    • レストラン山崎 Restaurant Yamazaki (map)
  • 16:00-21:00 Kumamoto Earthquake Fundraising Bar
    (かだれ横丁前 In front of Kadare Yokocho (map)) 
Admission: Tickets for food/drink purchase
Tickets: 1 book = 5 tickets
   Advance Purchase: 3500yen; Day-Of: 4000yen
Special Present: Owani Line Round Trip Fare Ticket with Bar-Gai Ticket Purchase
(Chuo Hirosaki Station 中央弘前駅⇔ Hirosaki Gakuin Mae Station 弘前学院大前駅)
Ticket Use Terms/Conditions:
  • No change (for tickets) will be given.
  • A maximum of 1 book (5 tickets) can be used at a single establishment
  • Tickets can only be used for pre-determined Bar-Gai menu items (no cash value)
  • A maximum of 1 ticket (700yen value) may be used to pay for taxi fare during the Bar-Gai event
  • Leftover tickets may be used at participating locations (indicated on map as "あとバル") up to July 14, 2016
Ticket Purchase Locations:
Advance Purchase:
  • 弘前バル街参加各店 Bar-Gai Participating Establishments
  • 弘南鉄道弘前駅 Konan Tetsudo Hirosaki Station (map)
  • 中央弘前駅 Chuo Hirosaki Station (map)
  • 弘前市立観光館 Hirosaki Kankokan (map)
  • 弘前市まちなか情報センター Hirosaki Machinaka Jouhou Center (map)
  • ホテルナクアシティ弘前 Hotel Naqua City Hirosaki (map)
  • cafe bar aj (map)
Day-Of Purchase: 
  • 弘前バル街本部(かだれ横丁) Hirosaki Bar-Gai Headquarters (Kadare Yokocho) (map)
  • 弘前市まちなか情報センター Hirosaki Machinaka Jouhou Center (map)
  • レストラン山崎 Restaurant Yamazaki (map)
2-1 Hyakkokumachi (弘前市百石町2-1)
Hirosaki, Aomori Prefecture 036-8035

More Information:
Hirosaki Bar-Gai Facebook Page (Japanese): https://www.facebook.com/hirobargai 

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