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Rokunohe Fall Festival 2016

Rokunohe Fall Festival 2016
六戸秋まつり (Rokunohe Aki Matsuri)

Fall festival featuring a parade of floats, etc., a rope sumo competition and more!

Rokunohe Fall Festival 2016 poster 平成28年六戸秋まつり ポスター Aki Matsuri

Date: September 1-4, 2016
Location: Inuotose Shotengai Shopping District 六戸町犬落瀬商店街 (map)
Admission: Free
  September 1, 18:00-20:30:
  • 祭囃子競演会 Matsuri Hayashi (Festival Music) Competition
  • 山車の展示 Floats on Display
  • 六戸囃子一斉演奏 Rokunohe Hayashi Performance
  September 2, 17:00-20:30: 
  • お通り(夜間運行) Evening Parade (mikoshi (portable shrine), floats, etc.)
  September 3, 13:30-20:30:
  • 流し踊り Nagashi Odori Dance
  • ロープ相撲大会 Rope Sumo Competition*
  • 盆踊り大会 Bon Odori Competition
  September 4, 12:45-17:30:
  • お還り Daytime Parade (mikoshi (portable shrine), floats, traditional performing arts, etc.)
*Rope Sumo Competitors WANTED*
Registration: September 3, 2016 17:00~(registration will close when the maximum number of participants is reached)
Entry Fee: FREE
Divisions: Elementary School Students 小学生の部(小学生以下)
Junior High School Students 中学生の部(中学生以下)
Adult (high school students and older) 一般の部(高校生以上)
Rules: Contestants tie a rope around their waist and try to pull their opponent outside of the designated area; prizes will be awarded to the winners!
Competition Start Time: 18:00

Map for September 2nd Evening Parade
Rokunohe Fall Festival 2016 Evening Parade Map 平成28年六戸秋まつりお通り夜間運行マップ Aki Matsuri

Map for September 4th Daytime Parade
Rokunohe Fall Festival 2016 Daytime Parade Map 平成28年六戸秋まつりお還り運行マップ Aki Matsuri

Inuotose Shotengai Shopping District 六戸町犬落瀬商店街

More Information:
Rokunohe Town Official Website (Japanese):

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