Tuesday, 27 September 2016

Apple Hill 20th Anniversary Fall Grand Harvest Festival

Apple Hill 20th Anniversary Fall Grand Harvest Festival
アップルヒル20周年祭 秋の大収穫祭

(Apple Hill Nijuu Shuunen-Sai Aki no Daishuukaku-Sai)

An event celebrating the 20th anniversary of Michi no Eki Namioka "Apple Hill" featuring apple picking, performances, evening fireworks and various other events & activities!

Apple Hill 20th Anniversary Fall Grand Harvest Festival flyer 平成28年アップルヒル20周年祭 秋の大収穫祭 チラシ 道の駅なみおか 青森市 Michi no Eki Namioka Nijuu Shuunen-Sai Aki no Daishuukaku-Sai Aomori City

Date: October 22-23, 2016
Time: 10:00~
Location: Michi no Eki Namioka "Apple Hill" 道の駅なみおか「アップルヒル」 (map)
Admission: Free
    Both Days

  • 10:00-15:00 Apple Picking Experience
    Cost: Free (ticket required)
    Ticket Information:
    • Participate in a Walking Rally to the Nishiyama Viewing Platform to get a free "Apple Picking Experience" ticket
    • Max. 100 tickets/day
    • Max. 2 tickets/family
    • Pick 3 apples per ticket

  • Apple Photo Contest (Cell Phone/Smart Phone)
    • Gold Prize (1): 10,000yen Restaurant Apple Hill Gift Certificate
    • Silver Prize (3): 5,000yen Restaurant Apple Hill Gift Certificate
    • Bronze Prize (10): Apple Hill Original Apple Juice 1L Bottle x 6
    • "Station Master" Award (3): Tsugaru Roman Rice 10kg Bag
    • Photos must be taken at the event venue during the event period (Oct. 22-23)
    • Photos should include apples in some way (food products, event activities, etc.)
    • Maximum submission of 3 photos per person
    Contest Submission:
    • Photos should be submitted by email to applehill[at]applehill.co.jp
    • Email should include:
      1. Name (名前)
      2. Phone Number (電話番号)
      3. Apple Photo(s) (りんご写真)
    • Submission Deadline: Monday October 24, 2016
  • Results will be announced on the Apple Hill website on October 30.

  • Saturday October 23 Only

  • 10:00 & 14:00 Apple Weight Guessing Contest
    Try to put 2kg* of apples into the basket--succeed and you win the apples!
    (*plus or minus a 5% error margin)
    • Cost: Free
    • Max. Participants: 30 per time slot
    • Max. 1 participant/family
    • Max. 2 tries (if you don't succeed on the first try)

  • 11:00~ Apple Sweets Competition
    Try various apple sweets and vote for your favorite!

  • Sunday October 23 Only

  • 10:30-17:30 Fall Apple Hill Live
    • 10:30-11:00 Move On Dance Performance
    • 13:00-13:20 Yoshinoda Shishi Odori Lion Dance
    • 13:30-13:50 Namioka Tozan Bayashi Mountain Climbing Sacred Music
    • 14:00-14:45 Tsugaru Te Odori Dance
    • 15:00-15:50 Sonia & Masashi(?) Saitou Acoustic Live
    • 16:00-17:00 Aomori Nightingale Live
    • 17:00-17:30 Yoko Harima Mini Live

Michi no Eki Namioka "Apple Hill" 道の駅なみおか「アップルヒル」
Nojiri-2-3 Namioka Ōaza Megasawa (青森県青森市浪岡大字女鹿沢野尻2番地3)
Aomori City, Aomori Prefecture 038-1331
TEL: 0172-62-1170

More Information:
Michi no Eki Namioka "Apple Hill" Website (Japanese): https://www.applehill.co.jp/infodetail/?topic=93

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