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Mutsu Hashigo Sake Rally in Tanabu 2016

Mutsu Hashigo* Sake Rally in Tanabu 2016

An event where participants must go to five different establishments and finish a drink there in order to collect stamps. Participants who fill their stamp card within the time limit are eligible to participate in a prize draw. The grand prize is a 2-night & 3-day trip for two to South Korea.

(*The name is a pun. "Hashigozake" is usually written with the kanji for "ladder" + "alcohol" (梯子酒 ) and means to go around to various places drinking (bar hopping). This event name, however,  combines the characters for "run" and "five" reflecting the nature of the event--running around and trying "sake" (alcohol) at five different places.)

Mutsu Hashigo Sake Rally in Tanabu 2016 poster むつ走五酒ラリーin田名部 ポスター

Date: Saturday, November 5, 2016
Time: 18:00-20:00 (Registration from 17:00)
  • Registration/Prize-Drawing: Mutsu-shi Event Hiroba (Mutsu Kasamaikan)
    むつ市イベント広場(むつ来さまい館) (map
  • Various Drinking Establishments
Participation Fee: 3000yen Advance; 3500yen At-Door
Advance Ticket Sale Locations:
  • MiniStop Mutsuyokomukaimachi Location ミニストップ横迎町店 (map)
  • Yoshida Bakery Mont Blanc 吉田ベーカリーもんぶらん(新町) (map)
  • Hanko no Sanshodo はんこの三章堂 (map)
  • Agejidenki 上路電器(中央) (map
  • Drive-In Tori-Kun 鳥くん移動販売車 (map)
  • Event Participating Establishments 
(Note: Advance tickets cannot be exchanged for cash. Pre-sale tickets must be exchanged for a "Check Card" チェックカード at registration on the day of the event, so remember to bring it on the day of the event.)

  • Advance tickets must be exchanged for a "Check Card" チェックカード before the start of the event
  • All participants will start at 18:00
  • Participants must order and finish a drink in order to get their "Check Card" チェックカード stamped by the store
  • Participants must complete collect stamps from five different (predetermined) establishments and return to the Mutsu-shi Event Hiroba by 20:00 in order to be eligible for the prize draw 
  • Event organizers take no responsibility for any accidents/injuries/illness occurring during the event

  • Gold Prize (1): 2-Night & 3-Day Trip for Two to South Korea
  • Silver Prize (1): 32" LCD TV
  • Bronze Prize (1): 30,000yen Mutsu City Gift Certificates

Mutsu-shi Event Hiroba むつ市イベント広場
10-1 Tanabuchō (青森県むつ市田名部町10−1)
Mutsu City, Aomori Prefecture 035-0034

More Information:
Mutsu City Website (Japanese):,55113,11,html

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