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Oirase Salmon Festival 2016

Oirase Salmon Festival 2016
第11回日本一のおいらせ鮭まつり (Nihon Ichi no Oirase Sake Matsuri)

The main attraction of this festival is the salmon catching event!

Date: November 19-20, 2016
Time: Nov 19: 9:30-17:30; Nov 20: 10:00-15:30
Location: Shimoda Salmon Park しもだサーモンパーク(奥入瀬川河川敷内)(map)
Admission: Free
  • Stage Performances
    Sat. Nov. 19, 12:30-16:30
    1. Oirase Hot Hearts Club Band
    2. Hip-Hop Circle Dance Revolution
    3. Miho Misono Kayou Song & J-Pop Show
    4. Takao Horinouchi Impersonations Show
    5. Kazuko(?) Maruyama Kayou Song Shinbuyo Dance Show
    6. Kenji Yamamoto Minyou Song Show
    Sun. Nov. 20, 11:00-15:30
    1. Kamen Rider Ex-Aid Show ①*
      (Character Show & Handshaking Event)
    2. Kaze Music Group
    3. Traditional Performing Arts
    4. micaco. J-Pop Live
    5. Kamen Ride Ex-Aid Show ②
      (Character Show & Handshaking Event)
    6. Osamu Miyaji Kayou Song Show
    *Salmon Quiz Contest (participation free, get prizes)

  • Free Salmon Soup (10:00~ first 100 people)
  • Salmon Soup Sales (200yen/bowl, after free distribution has ended)
  • Speed Salmon Catching Contest (12:00~)
    (500yen, registration at-door, winner keeps the salmon they caught)
  • Salmon Racing (500yen, registration at-door)
    Sat. Nov. 19Sun. Nov. 20
  • Salmon Catching (ticket required, details below)
    Ticket Cost: 1000yen Advance; 1200yen At-Door (cost includes free Salmon Soup)
    Advance Ticket Sales Period: October 17-November 18, 2016
    Advance Ticket Sale Locations:
    • Oirase Town Office & Bun Branch おいらせ町役場本庁舎・分庁舎 (map, branch map)
    • Oirase North Community Center おいらせ町立北公民館 (map)
    • Oirase Commercial & Industrial Association/Momoishi Branch Office
      おいらせ町商工会本所・百石支所 (map)
    • JA Towada Oirase Shimoda Branch JA十和田おいらせ下田支店 (map)
    • Aeon Mall Shimoda (2nd Flr Service Counter)
    • Misawa Base 米軍三沢基地内
    • Oirase Town Website Online Form (see sample English translation below)
      Oirase Salmon Festival 2016 Salmon Catching Advance Ticket Online Form 第11回日本一のおいらせ鮭まつり 【遠方から参加される方へ】おいらせ鮭まつり前売り券受付フォーム Nihon Ichi no Oirase Sake Matsuri
    Sat. Nov. 19Sun. Nov. 20
    Recommended Preparations:
    • water repellent clothing (top and bottom) OR
      rain poncho/jacket
    • long rain boots
    • towel
    • change of clothes
    Other Services:
    • Long Boot Rentals (paid)
    • Salmon Cleaning/Cutting Service (300yen/fish)
Free Shuttle Bus:
Bus Stop#1#2#3#4#5#6
Festival Venue10:3511:4513:1514:3515:45
Shimoda Station
(Aoimori Railway)
Oirase Town Office Branch9:3510:5012:0013:3014:5016:00
Aeon Mall Shimoda
(Grocery Dept. South Exit)
Oirase Town Office9:5511:1012:2013:5015:1016:20
Festival Venue10:0011:1512:2513:5515:15

Parking: Available (~500cars)

More Information:
Oirase Town Website (Japanese):

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