Friday, 28 October 2016

The Big Yellow 2016

The Big Yellow 2016
日本一の大イチョウライトアップ ビッグイエロー2016

(Nihon Ichi no Ooichou Light Up Big Yellow)

With a 22m circumference, the Kitakanegasawa Gingko Tree in Fukaura is the largest gingko tree, and 3rd largest tree overall in Japan. It was designated a "National Natural Monument" in September 2004. During the event period, it is illuminated at night.

The Big Yellow 2016 poster 平成28年 日本一の大イチョウライトアップ ビッグイエロー 深浦町 Fukaura Town Nihon Ichi no Ooichou Light Up

Date: November 10-30, 2016*
(*Event may end earlier depending on the state of the foliage)
Time: 16:30-20:30
Location: Kitakanegasawa Gingko Tree 北金ヶ沢イチョウ (map)
Admission: Free
Events: Illumination Lighting Ceremony (Thu Oct 10, 18:00)

Kitakanegasawa Gingko Tree 北金ヶ沢イチョウ
356 Shiomigata Kitakanegasawa(青森県西津軽郡深浦町大字北金ヶ沢字塩見形356)
Fukaura Town, Nishitsugaru District, Aomori Prefecture 038-2504

More Information:
Fukadoko? (Japanese):

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