Monday, 14 November 2016

Hashikami Donko Festival 2016

Hashikami Donko Festival 2016
(Hashikami Donko Matsuri)

A festival showcasing Hashikami Town's local cuisine, "Donko-jiru" a soup made with dark sleeper fish liver and seasoned with "kazemizu" sea urchin extract or miso.

Hashikami Donko Festival 2016 flyer 平成28年 階上どんこまつり チラシ Matsuri

Date: Sunday November 20, 2016
Time: 10:00-15:00
Location: In front of the Oja Seisanbukai 大蛇生産部会前 (map)
Admission: Free
  • Donko-jiru
    (100yen/bowl; limited to 500 bowls only!)
  • Food Stalls
    (Hashikami Wase Soba, Aburame Dejiru, Senbei-jiru, Kusa Mochi, etc.)
  • Free Amazake & Coffee
  • Local Product Sales
  • Ami-yaki Wire Net Grilling Experience
    (*please purchase seafood, etc. from one of the stalls)
  • Salmon Preparation Demonstration (10:30~, 12:30~, 13:30~)
  • Abalone Catching (10:30~)
    (1000yen for 1 try, 1 abalone; limited quantities: 100 abalone only!)
  • Prize Lottery Drawing (10:30~)
    (100yen/try--everyone is a winner!; limited quantities: 200 only)
  • & More!

Oja Seisanbukai 大蛇生産部会
Ōja-216-93 Dōbutsu (青森県三戸郡階上町大字仏字大蛇216-93)
Hashikami Town, Sannohe District, Aomori Prefecture 039-1201

More Information: Hashikami Town Website (Japanese):,4622,html

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