Monday, 23 January 2017

Nanbu Area Enburi Photo Contest 2017

Nanbu Area Enburi Photo Contest 2017
(Nanbu-chiho Enburi Shashin Contest)

A photo contest for the purposes of documenting and preserving Nanbu Area Enburi.

Hachinohe Area Enburi 南部地方えんぶり
(Photo Source: Kenyoshi Shoutenkai Website)

Contest Details:
Full Contest Information PDF File: Japanese
  • Contest Awards & Prizes
    • Special Prize (1): 10,000yen value prize
    • Selection Prize (6): 5000yen value prize
  • Copyright/Privacy:
    • Submitted works will not be returned.
    • Winning photographs will become property of the contest sponsors.
    • Photographers will retain the rights to non-winning works.
    • Photographers who fail to provide negatives/positives/digital data for winning works within the specified time frame will be disqualified and the prize selection will be revoked.
    • By submitting to this contest, photographers agree to allow winning works to be used for promotional purposes, on websites, print materials, etc.
    • Use of personal information submitted will only be used for contest purposes.
    • The photographer's name, city/town/village of residence, and photograph title may be announced/published.
Entry Requirements/Restrictions:
  • Photos must have been taken in Nanbu Town during the Nanbu Area Enburi 2017 event period.
  • Only unpublished works that the submitter has full rights control over should be submitted
  • Amateur Photos Only (professional photographer entries not permitted)
  • Black & white and colour photographs are permitted.
  • Photos that have undergone excessive processing, colour changes, etc. may not be accepted.
  • Photo Size/Specifications:  Mutsukiri Size (203mm x 254mm) or larger
    (A4 Size  (270 x 297mm) is acceptable)
  • Max. Submissions: 3 photos per person
Entry Submission/Deadline:
  • Please use cellophane tape to attach an entry form (see translated sample below) to the back of each photograph. Entry forms should be oriented in the same direction as the photograph.
    Nanbu Area Enburi Photo Contest 2017 entry form 南部地方えんぶり「写真コンテスト」応募票 Nanbu-chiho Enburi Shashin Contest
  • Entries may be submitted in person or by postal mail to the following address:
     南部地方えんぶり保存振興会 事務局(南部町役場 商工観光交流課)
     Office of the Society for the Preservation & Promotion of Nanbu Area Enburi
    (Nanbu Town Office, Department of Commerce & Industry, Tourism & Cultural Exchange)
     Shimoshuku-23-1 Tomabechi, Nanbu Town, Sannohe District, Aomori Prefecture 039-0802
  • Submission Deadline: Entries must be received by Tuesday February 28, 2017
  • Winners will be announced in early-mid April on the Nanbu Town website
  • Winners will also be contacted directly
Office of the Society for the Preservation & Promotion of Nanbu Area Enburi
(Nanbu Town Office, Department of Commerce & Industry, Tourism & Cultural Exchange)
8:15-17:00 Monday-Friday, not including National Holidays
・TEL 0178-84-2119 
・FAX 0178-84-2592

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