Thursday, 26 January 2017

Pocky x Lover's Sanctuary Valentine Photo Contest 2017

Pocky x Lover's Sanctuary Valentine Photo Contest 2017
Pocky x 恋人の聖地バレンタインフォトコンテスト2017

Take a "lovey-dovey couple photo"* at one of 230 designated "Lover's Sanctuary" & "Satellite" locations and enter for a chance to win various prizes!
(*"Couple photo" must be of two people, but does not have to be a romantic couple--can be two friends, family members, etc.)

Pocky x Lover's Sanctuary Valentine Photo Contest 2017 flyer ポッキー x 恋人の聖地バレンタインフォトコンテスト2017 チラシ

Contest Details
Contest Website (Japanese):
  • Contest Judges:
    IMALU, singer/model/talent
    Yumi Katsura, bridal fashion designer
    Shogo Kariyazaki, floral designer
    ・& Others
  • Contest Awards & Prizes
    • Pocky Prizes:
      ・Hotel Grèges Suite Room Pair Voucher
      ・Tokyo Bay Cruising Symphony Pair Dinner Cruise
    • Kobe-Awaji-Naruto-Expressway Service Area Special Prize: TBA
    • Lover's Sanctuary Prizes: Various Hotel Pair Vouchers; Food & Travel Vouchers; Etc.
  • Copyright/Privacy: By entering the contest you agree to allow contest sponsors to publish (online & in print) and/or forward to other media your photo & basic information. (Caution! All data will be automatically backed up once the submission is accepted/confirmed, so even if you delete a Tweet/Facebook post entry, the data will still be in the possession of the sponsoring organization.)
  • Awards Ceremony: Sunday March 19, 2017, 13:00~
    Kobe-Awaji-Naruto Expressway Service Area 兵庫県本四高速淡路SA (map)
    (Results will be published on Official Website. Winners will also be contacted directly.)
Entry Requirements/Restrictions:
Entry Submission
    Online submission via Twitter, Facebook, or Online Form
    Submission Deadline: Tuesday February 28, 2017

  • Follow the Lover's Sanctuary Official Twitter Account @seichi2006
  • Tweet the photo as well as the following information:
    1) Hashtag: #恋人の聖地フォトコン
    2) Location of Photograph
    3) Name of Prefecture of Residence
    4) Photo Title or Comment About Photo
  • Note: Once your entry has been confirmed, the Lover's Sanctuary account will follow your Twitter account. Winners will be notified by direct message

  • Facebook
  • Post your photo on the official contest Facebook page ( along with the following information:
    1) Location of the Photograph
    2) Name of Prefecture of Residence
    3) Photo Title or Comment About Photo
  • Note: Winners will be notified in the comments

  • Online Form
  • Fill in all the fields (see English translation below) and attach the photo file.
    Pocky x Lover's Sanctuary Valentine Photo Contest 2017 online entry form ポッキー x 恋人の聖地バレンタインフォトコンテスト2017応募専用フォーム
  1. Be careful not to capture third parties or unrelated buildings, etc. in the photo.
  2. Try to avoid inconveniencing others when taking the photo (e.g. when using a tripod, selfie stick, etc.)
  3. Please follow the directions of staff regarding areas/buildings, etc. where photography is prohibited.

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More Information:
Contest Website (Japanese):

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