Wednesday, 4 January 2017

Winter Nishimeya Photo Contest 2017

Winter Nishimeya Photo Contest 2017
冬のにしめや写真コンテスト2017 (Fuyu no Nishimeya Shashin Contest)

A contest to showcase the winter scenery, people, food, and events of Nishimeya.

Winter Nishimeya Photo Contest 2017 poster Fuyu no Nishimeya Shashin Contest 平成29年冬のにしめや写真コンテスト ポスター Winter Nishimeya Photo Contest 2017 Information Fuyu no Nishimeya Shashin Contest 平成29年冬のにしめや写真コンテスト 応募要目

Contest Details:
Full Contest Information PDF File: Japanese
Nishimeya Village Website (Japanese):
  • Accepted Photo Subjects: Nishimeya Scenery, Foods/Drinks, Events, and/or People
  • Contest Sponsor/Judge: Nishimeya Tourism Association
  • Contest Awards & Prizes
    • Gold Prize: Buna no Sato Shirakamikan Pair Overnight Stay Voucher
    • Silver Prize: Junmaishu Sake "Sansuke"
    • Bronze Prize: Apple Juice
  • Copyright:
    • Submitted works will not be returned.
    • Winning photographs will become property of the contest sponsors;
    • Winning works will be used for village promotional purposes.
Entry Requirements/Restrictions:
  • Photos must have been taken in Nishimeya Village during the winter. 
  • Permission of identifiable people (subjects in photos) should be obtained before submission
  • Only unpublished works taken by the submitter should be submitted
  • Open entry (professional photograph submissions are OK)
  • Composite photographs are not permitted.
  • Use of any type of camera (cell phone/smartphone, etc. included) is permissible
  • Photo Size/Specifications: 
    • A4 Size  (270 x 297mm) OR
    • Yotsukiri Size 四ツ切サイズ (254 x 305mm) OR
    • Wide Yotsukiri ワイド四ツ (254 x 366mm) OR
    • Digital Data sent via email (max. 3MB file size) OR
    • Digital Data on CD or other digital media (3MB file size or larger) 
  • Max. Submissions: 3 photos per person
Entry Submission/Deadline:
  • Entry Submission Address (for print/digital media submissions)

     Nishimeya Tourism Association Office (Part of the Nishimeya Industries Department)
     Inamoto-144 Tashiro, Nishimeya-mura, Nakatsugaru-gun, Aomori-ken 036-1411
  • Entry Submission Email Address: nishimeya-sangyou[at]
  • Required Entry Submission Information:

    • 写真の題名 Photgraph Title
    • 撮影場所 Location photograph was taken
    • 住所 Address
    • 氏名 Photographer's Full Name
    • 年齢 Age
    • 性別 Gender
    • 職業 Occupation (For students, include school name and year/grade)
    • 電話番号 Phone Number

  • Submission Deadline: Entries must be received by Friday February 3, 2017
  • Winners will be announced in early-mid February on the village website, etc.
  • Winners will also be contacted directly
  • Award ceremony will be held at the Shirakami Sanchi Visitor Center on Sunday February 19
Nishimeya Tourism Association Office (Part of the Nishimeya Industries Department)
8:15-17:00 Monday-Friday, not including National Holidays
・TEL 0172-85-2800 
・FAX 0172-85-3040
・E-mail nishimeya-sangyou[at]

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