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Aomori Nebuta 2017

Aomori Nebuta 2017 青森ねぶた

Aomori Nebuta 2017 poster 平成28年青森ねぶた ポスター

Aomori Nebuta is one of the most well known Japanese summer festivals both domestically and internationally. In 1980 it was designated as an Important Intangible Folk Cultural Property of Japan. Aomori Nebuta floats mostly feature human figures. When they come to an intersection, the floats are spun around at an impressive speed considering their size. Anyone dressed in the appropriate garb (many shops offer costume rental and dressing services) is welcome to join in the jumping and shouting, making Aomori Nebuta a lively and interactive experience.

Festival "Shout": Rassera, rassera!
Dates: August 2-7
Location: Central Aomori City (map)
(Road closures and parking map (Japanese))
    (August 1: Festival Eve: Performances (18:00 start)
         Fireworks (19:00 start))
    August 2-3: Children's Neputa & Large Floats (19:10 start)
    August 4-6 Large Floats (19:10 start)
    August 7: Daytime Large Floats Parade (13:00 start)
         Fireworks & Boat Parade (19:15 start)
Admission: Free (paid seating available)
Paid Seating: (Seating Area Opens 17:30)
(Includes Souvenir Pamphlet)
Aomori Nebuta 2017 Seating Map & Configuration Images 平成29年青森ねぶた個人観覧席設置場所 席の形態
    Advance Purchase Period:
      August 2-6 Seats
    • TicketPia, Lawson Ticket, Aomori Portal Site Pomitto! Ticket, Seven Ticket: July 1 (Sat), 10:00~
    • Aomori Stores, etc. (in person only): June 30 (Fri), 10:00~

    • August 2-6 Wheelchair Seating & August 7 Seats
    • Aomori Tourism and Convention Bureau (phone & in-person): June 30 (Fri), 9:00~
    • Reserved Seats (Aug 2-7): 3000yen
      (29号 Chairs (Aug 6) Day-Of Purchase Only)
    • Non-Reserved Seats (Aug 3-6): 2600yen
      (31号 Wooden Box Stand Seating, free seating within specified block)
      (Day-Of Purchase Only)
    • Wheelchair Seating (Aug 2-6): 2400yen
      (~20 seats/day, Max. 1 attendant (3000yen))
    • August 7 Afternoon Nebuta & Fireworks Set: 7000yen

  • All seats are reserved other than the 31号 Wooden Box Stand Seats
  • Reserving seats in the non-reserved seating area using signs, personal items, etc. is prohibited.
  • Maximum of 9 tickets per person (purchases of 10+ seats require group seating)
  • Pets are not allowed within the seating areas
  • Please inquire about permission for seeing eye dogs and service dogs before purchasing tickets
  • Smoking in the seating areas is prohibited
  • Please be considerate of others when eating/drinking in the seating area. All garbage should be taken home.
  • Seat selection is done automatically by computer for purchases made through kiosks, phone, or online. It is not possible to select specific seats.

  • Purchase Methods
    (〇= Available, ― = Not Available, △ = Limited Quantities)
Aomori Nebuta Paid Seating Purchase Methods & Location Chart 2017  平成29年青森ねぶた 個人観覧席 取扱場所 販売店
      TicketPia (P-Code 636-110)
    • Kiosks (Circle K/Sunkus, Seven Eleven, etc.)
      Circle K/Sunkus: 7/2 Only 10:00-02:00; From 7/3 05:30-02:00
      Seven Eleven: 24hr, Daily (Ticket Printing Fee: 108yen)
    • Phone (0570-02-999)
      24hr, Daily (Tue. & Wed. 02:30-05:30 closed for system maintenance)
      (System Fee: 216yen + Ticket Printing Fee: 108yen)
    • Internet (
      (System Fee: 216yen + Ticket Printing Fee: 108yen (+Delivery Fee: 617yen, + Etc.))
Lawson Ticket (L-Code 24444)
24hr, Daily
  • Kiosks (Lawson, Mini-Stop, etc.)
    (Ticket Printing Fee: 108yen)
  • Phone (0570-84-002)
    (System Fee: 216yen + Ticket Printing Fee: 108yen)
  • Internet (
    (System Fee: 216yen + Ticket Printing Fee: 108yen (+Delivery Fee, etc.))
Pomitto (
Ticket Pick-Up Locations:
  • Sakurano Department Stores
    ・Aomori (map)
    ・Hirosaki (map)
    ・Hachinohe (map)
  • Sun Road Aomori (map)
  • Elm Mall (Goshogawara) (map)
Seven Ticket
24hr, Daily
  • In-Store Copy Machines
    Select "Ticket"「チケット」→ "Seven Ticket"「セブンチケット」→ Keyword Search "Nebuta" キーワード検索「ねぶた」
  • Internet (
    (Ticket Printing Fee: 108yen)
24hr, Daily
  • In-Store Fami-Port Machines
    Select "Ticket"「チケット」→ "Search & Purchase Tickets"「チケットを探して買う」→ Find the appropriate event/date/ticket type
    (Ticket Printing Fee: 108yen)
  • Internet (
    Payment Methods: Credit Card, Convenience Store/ATM, Internet Banking
    Delivery Methods: Convenience Store Pick-Up (Seven Eleven, Family Mart), Mail Delivery
    (Money Transfer Fee: 216yen/transaction (if applicable) + System Fee:216yen/ticket + Ticket Printing Fee: 108yen OR System + Delivery Fee 648yen (if applicable))
Aomori Stores
  • JTB Aomori (map)
    Mon-Fri 10:00-17:30, closed weekends & holidays
  • Kinki Nippon Tourist (map)
    Mon-Fri :30-17:30, closed weekends & holidays
  • Nippon Tourist Agency (map)
    Mon-Fri :30-17:30, closed weekends & holidays
  • Tobu Top Tours (map)
    Mon-Fri 9:00-18:00, closed weekends & holidays
  • Meitetsu Kankou Service (map)
    Mon-Fri 9:30-17:00, closed weekends & holidays
  • Ntour (map)
    Mon-Fri 9:00-17:30, closed weekends & holidays
Aomori Tourism & Convention Bureau (map)
    Hours: Mon-Fri 9:00-16:30, closed weekends & holidays
    TEL: 017-723-7211
    Payment & Delivery: Tickets will be mailed COD.
    (Fees will be outlined at time of reservation)

Aomori Nebuta 青森ねぶた

More Information:
Official Website (Japanese):
Facebook Page (Japanese):
Aomori Sightseeing Guide:

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