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Asakusa Okonomiyaki & Monja

Restaurant Spotlight: Asakusa  お好み焼き もんじゃ 浅草
Okonomiyaki Monja Asakusa Towada お好み焼き もんじゃ 浅草 十和田市
Photo from "No Marrs, No Life" blog
Okonomiyaki Monja Asakusa お好み焼き もんじゃ 浅草 十和田市
A great local restaurant for okonomiyaki *(Osaka-style) and monjayaki.*

*Okonomiyaki is a dish made from batter, cabbage, egg, and various meats and vegetables all mixed up and grilled on a hot plate like a pancake. Monjayaki (or simply, "monja") is similar to okonomiyaki except the batter is more runny and it remains lumpy when cooked.
Okonomiyaki Monja Asakusa Towada お好み焼き もんじゃ 浅草 十和田市

You cook everything yourself using the hot plate grills on each table. Feel free to ask for advice if you're not sure how to cook something. But for okonomiyaki, generally you mix up all the ingredients in the bowl well and then pour it onto the well-oiled grill and shape it into a pancake. Cook until slightly brown before flipping and cooking the other side until nicely browned. You may choose to flip it one more time to let it cook a little longer. To finish, add sauce, mayonnaise, bonito flakes, ginger and nori seaweed flakes to taste before cutting it up and transferring it to your plate to eat.

Recommended Menu Items

Pizza Ten Okonomiyaki 780yen
(ピザ天 お好み焼き)
Pizza Ten Okonomiyaki Asakusa Towada ピザ天 お好み焼き 浅草 十和田市

Cheese Hamburg Ten Okonomiyaki 780yen
(チーズハンバーグ天 お好み焼き)
Cheese Hamburg Ten Okonomiyaki Asakusa Towada チーズハンバーグ天 お好み焼き 浅草 十和田市

Mochi Cheese Ten 780yen
(もちチーズ天 お好み焼き)
Mochi Cheese Ten Okonomiyaki Asakusa Towada もちチーズ天 お好み焼き 浅草 十和田市

Pork Kimchi 780yen
(豚キムチ Buta Kimchi)
Pork Kimchi Ten Okonomiyaki Asakusa Towada 豚キムチ天 お好み焼き 浅草 十和田市

Hours: 14:00-22:00 Thursday-Tuesday (closed Wednesdays)
Price Range: 1000yen~
English/Picture Menu: N/A
Seating: Table (1 table x 4 seats) and Tatami (5 tables x 4 seats)
Good For: Solo Dining; Couples; Families; Small Groups
Reservations: Usually not necessary except for larger groups
Phone: 0176-23-4811
Parking: Available (limited)
Towada, Aomori Prefecture 034-0082

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