Friday, 20 March 2015

Katsu Curry Ramen Izakaya Yosaku

Izakaya Spotlight: Yosaku 焼肉とラーメン 与作

Yosaku is a brightly-lit and fairly spacious izakaya with mainly private booth seating and a few counter seats. Although it has yakiniku (meat that you yourself grill at the table) and other  common izakaya foods (fried chicken, grilled fish, etc.), it is best known for its katsu (pork cutlet) curry ramen (カツカレーラーメン). It's a popular place for ramen lovers to end a night out drinking.

Recommended Menu Items:
(The only things I've eaten there...)

Katsu Curry Ramen カツカレーラーメン 900yen

Yosaku Miso Mix Ramen 与作味噌ミックスラーメン 1200yen
(toppings: wakame seaweed, char siu, corn; choice of thick noodles (太麺 futomen) or thin noodles 細麺 hosomen)--I recommend the thick noodles)

Russia Gyoza (Peri Menu) ロシアギョウザ(ぺリメニュー) 550yen

Hours: 17:00-03:00 Tuesday-Saturday; 17:00-02:00 Sundays (closed Mondays)
Price Range: 1000yen~
English/Picture Menu: N/A
Seating: Booth (4-6 people) and Counter (~4 seats)
Good For: Solo Dining; Couples; Small-Large Groups; Parties
Reservations: Recommended for medium-large groups/parties.
Phone: 0176-22-6265
Parking: Available (a block southeast, next to (south of) the Civic Center Plaza parking lot and just north of an liquor store called Step)
Towada, Aomori Prefecture 034-0011

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