Wednesday, 4 March 2015

Microbrewery Beer Festa in Hiroshima 2015

First post about an event outside of Aomori Prefecture!

Microbrewery Beer Festa in Hiroshima 
第8回Japanビール職人祭 地ビールフェスタinひろしま2015

Date/Time: Saturday, April 18, 12:00~20:00 - Sunday, April 19, 2015, 11:00~17:00 
(Rain or Shine!)
Location: Site of the Former Hiroshima Municipal Baseball Stadium 
(旧広島市民球場跡地 Kyuu Hiroshima Shimin Kyuujou Atochi)
Description: Try a variety of beers from over 20 microbreweries from the Chogoku Region as well as other parts of Japan. 
Admission: Free admission, but tickets must be purchased for beer. (Please reuse glasses/cups in order to reduce waste.) Food can be paid for in cash.
Beer Tickets: 1 ticket = 1 glass (250mL) 

Advance Tickets:
  • 3,800yen** Original Glass + 10 tickets オリジナルグラス付ビールチケット(1杯250ml)10杯券
  • 2,600yen** Original Glass + 5 tickets オリジナルグラス付ビールチケット(1杯250ml)5杯券
  • 2,300yen Plastic Cup + 5 tickets プラカップ付ビールチケット(1杯250ml)5杯券
  • 3000yen** Original Glass + 20 "Beer Tasting" tickets (1 ticket = 1 *80mL* glass) ビール飲み比べチケット(1杯80ml)オリジナルグラス付20杯券
**Limited quantities! Buy early to avoid disappointment

Advance tickets can be purchased at JTB locations in person or online (Japanese), through Lawson Tickets (L-Code: 66984), or Seven Tickets (Seven Eleven, 7-Code: 035-818).  

At-Door Tickets:
  • 500yen Single Glass Ticket 1杯券
  • 3,200yen Plastic Cup + 20 "Beer Tasting" tickets (1 ticket = 1 *80mL* glass) ビール飲み比べチケット(1杯80ml)プラカップ付20杯券
  • 500yen 250mL Original Glass オリジナルグラス(1杯250ml)
  • 50yen 250mL Plastic Cup プラカップ(1杯250ml)
10-15 min from JR Hiroshima Station by car, streetcar, bus, or Astramline (Kamiyachonishi Station or Kencho Mae Station)
3 min walk from the Hiroshima Bus Center

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