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2015 Rokunohe Autumn Festival

2015 Rokunohe Autumn Festival
六戸秋まつり (Rokunohe Aki Matsuri)
Date: September 3-6, 2015
Location: Inuotose Shotengai Shopping District 六戸町犬落瀬商店街 (map)
  September 3, 18:00-20:30:
  • Matsuri Hayashi (Festival Music) Competition 祭囃子競演会
  • Floats on Display 山車の展示
  • Rokunohe Hayashi Performance 六戸囃子一斉演奏
  September 4, 17:00-20:30: 
  • Evening Parade (mikoshi (portable shrine), floats, etc.) 夜間運行
  September 5, 13:30-20:30:
  • Nagashi Odori 流し踊り ロープ相撲大会
  • Rope Sumo Competition*
  • Bon Odori Competition 盆踊り大会
  September 6, 12:45-17:30:
  • Daytime Parade (mikoshi (portable shrine), floats, traditional performing arts, etc.) 夜間運行

*Rope Sumo Competitors WANTED*
Registration: September 5, 2015 17:00~(registration will close when the maximum number of participants is reached)
Entry Fee: FREE
Divisions: Elementary School Students 小学生の部(小学生以下)
Junior High School Students 中学生の部(中学生以下)
Adult (high school students and older) 一般の部(高校生以上)
Rules: Contestants tie a rope around their waist and try to pull their opponent outside of the designated area; prizes will be awarded to the winners!
Competition Start Time: 18:00

Map for September 4th Evening Parade

Map for September 6th Daytime Parade

More Information:
Rokunohe Town Official Website (Japanese):

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