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B-1 Grand Prix in Towada

B-1 Grand Prix in Towada
10th B-1 グランプリ in 十和田

B-1 Grand Prix in Towada Flyer B-1グランプリin十和田 チラシ

Date: October 3-4 (Saturday-Sunday), 2015 
Time: 9:30-15:30
Various Locations Around Central Towada (see Venue Map for details)
B-1 Grand Prix in Towada Venue Map B-1グランプリin十和田 会場地図

(B-1 Grand Prix in Towada Official Website Access Information (Japanese))

There is no dedicated event parking at the venue, so please make use of the free shuttle buses available to/from Hachinohe (Hachinohe Portal Museum Hacchi), Misawa (Sky Plaza), Shichinohe, Rokunohe, Gonohe, and the Towadako, Towadako Machi and south areas of Towada. Buses will run to and from the various sites every 30 minutes from 8:00-16:30. (*Cautions: The first shuttle bus from Hachinohe will be from 7:30 instead of 8:00. The Yakeyama location will only have one bus each way, departing Yakeyama at 8:00am and leaving from the Kitazono Parking Lot at 16:30.*).

B-1 Staff will hand out bus boarding tickets at the various parking lots which will have the alphabet letter corresponding to the bus route printed on it. There are two bus drop-off and boarding areas, each serving different routes, so make to double-check your ticket at the boarding area for the return trip.
You can check the status of the various parking lots in real time during the event here (Japanese):
Event Parking & Shuttle Bus Stop Map
B-1 Grand Prix Event Parking & Shuttle Bus Map 臨時駐車場&シャトルバス停留所地図

Event Parking & Shuttle Bus Stop Legend
B-1 Grand Prix Event Parking & Shuttle Bus Stop Legend 臨時駐車場・シャトルバス停留所案内

Free Shuttle Bus Schedule
B-1 Grand Prix in Towada Free Shuttle Bus Schedule 1 B-1グランプリin十和田 無料シャトルバス時刻表
B-1 Grand Prix in Towada Free Shuttle Bus Schedule 2 B-1グランプリin十和田 無料シャトルバス時刻表

There are also regular buses (fare paid: JR Bus, Towada Kankou Dentetsu, and Nanbu Bus) running between to/from Towada from Hachinohe, Shichinohe-Towada, and Misawa Stations.

Hachinohe Station⇔Towada Bus Schedule
Hachinohe to Towada Bus Schedule 八戸駅から十和田市へのバス時刻表
Towada to Hachinohe Station Bus Schedule 十和田市から八戸へバス時刻表

Shichinohe-Towada Station⇔Towada Bus Schedule
Shichinohe-Towada Station to Towada Bus Schedule 七戸十和田駅から十和田市へのバス時刻表
Towada to Shichinohe-Towada Station Bus Schedule 十和田市から七戸十和田駅までのバス時刻表

Misawa Station⇔Towada Bus Schedule
Misawa Station to Towada Bus Schedule 三沢駅から十和田市へのバス時刻表
Towada to Misawa Bus Schedule 十和田市から三沢駅へのバス時刻表

Regular (Paid) Bus Information:

October 2 (Friday):
  • 16:00~ Newspaper Banner Presentation by Towada ES Students
    (Towada Civic Center Plaza Entrance Hall 市民交流プラザエントランスホール)
  • 16:15-16:30 Opening Ceremony
    (Towada Civic Center Plaza Parking Lot 市民交流プラザ駐車所)
  • 16:30-17:30 Pre-Event Parade CANCELLED
    (Towada Civic Center Plaza - Shotengai Shopping District
    & Kanchogai Street-Sumo Dohyo)
October 3 (Saturday)
  • 8:30 Food Ticket Sales Start チケット販売開始
  • 9:00 Day 1 Opening Ceremony 開会式(1日目)
  • 9:30 Food Sales/Voting Start 料理提供開始・投票開始
  • 15:30 Voting/Food Sales End 投票終了・料理提供終了
October 4 (Sunday)
  • 8:30 Food Ticket Sales Start チケット販売開始
  • 9:30 Food Sales/Voting Start 料理提供開始・投票開始
  • 14:30 Voting Ends 投票終了 
  • 15:30 Food Sales End 料理提供終了
  • 17:00 Closing Ceremony 閉会式

Admission: FREE*
(*Food tickets required for food purchases--cash will NOT be accepted at the food stalls)

Food Tickets: 
B-1 Grand Prix in Towada food ticket booklet (sample) B-1グランプリin十和田チケット見本
  • 100yen tickets sold only in 10-ticket (1000yen) books; individual tickets NOT available for sale 
  • Some food stalls may sell out or close earlier than the official ending time
  • Purchase of pre-sale tickets is recommended as day-of tickets may sell out and long line-ups for ticket purchases are expected
  • Day of tickets are available for purchase at the various venues (yellow tents).
  • Pre-sale tickets are available for purchase from August 14 (Friday) - October 2 (Friday), 2015 at various various establishments in Towada, Hachinohe, Misawa, etc. (see complete list (Japanese) here) *Note: Select locations will also be selling tickets from October 3-4, during the event
  • Unused tickets canNOT be refunded
  • Unused tickets may be used at various establishments in Towada from October 3- 31, 2015 (see complete list (Japanese) here)

  • Put your chopstick(s) into the ballot box of the group you liked best--consider the personality/performance of the group as well as the actual taste of the food.
  • Ballot boxes are located under the blue & white tents at the various venues.
  • You cannot vote for guest groups (past winners).
  • Only brown chopsticks can be used to vote. White chopsticks (from guest groups) cannot be used.
  • Even if you buy from more than one stand, please only use one set of chopsticks per day to vote.
  • Each individual chopstick can be used to vote separately, i.e. you can vote for two different groups with one chopstick each or give the pair of chopsticks to a single group.

General Notes/Cautions:
  • Please make use of the designated areas (green tents) at each venue to dispose of garbage.
  • A "breastfeeding car" (授乳カー) is available for breastfeeding and diaper changing at the Track & Field Track venue and the north side of the Chuo Park venue.
  • Please refrain from smoking in areas other than the designated smoking areas (喫煙場所).
  • If you have any questions/concerns during the event, please go to the white general information tents (総合案内).
  • Plan ahead: make a list of the foods you want to try and work out the costs in advance
  • Come with friends so you can share and try many different foods
  • Bring trays and divide and conquer! Send people out to line up for different foods and meet up later in one place to share
  • Check wait times on Facebook ( and Twitter (
    B-1 Grand Prix in Towada Wait Times on Facebook & Twitter B-1グランプリinとわだ 当日会場内行列待ち時間おしらせ
  • Bring your own drinks: there will be a drink sale (red & white) tent where you can buy alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks using tickets and/or cash, and there also are vending machines and convenience stores around the venue, but there will probably be long line ups and things may sell out so it's easier if you bring your own
  • Bring sweets/desserts: since most of the foods are salty, you will probably be craving something sweet afterward
  • Check out Towada!: while you're in the area, take the opportunity to check out the Towada Art Center/Art Park or to check out local restaurants/bars afterward (there are over 100 different places listed in the Playing & Eating in Towada Google Map!)

List of Participating Groups Categorized by...

Food Types 
Soba (15), Udon (6), Ramen & Other Noodle Dishes (6), Rice (7), Curry Rice (2), Inarizushi (3), Grilled/Stewed Meat (9), Soups (3), Okonomiyaki & Other "Yaki" Dishes (3), Fried Foods (6), Other (2)


  1. Shotengai Shopping District
  2. Art Station Towada
  3. Track & Field Track
  4. Chuo Parking Lot & Chuo Park
  5. Baseball Diamond

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