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B-1 Grand Prix in Towada: Kyushu Contestant Groups

九州 投票対象団体 (Kyuushuu Touhyou Taishou Dantai)
Kyushu Contestant Groups
Kyushu Region 九州地方

福岡県 田川市 Fukuoka-ken, Tagawa-shi
田川ホルモン喰楽歩 Tagawa Hormone Club
Tagawa Hormone Nabe: "hormone" (innards) marinated with yakiniku sauce, onion, cabbage, Chinese chives and other vegetables all sautéed on a special round hot plate with a sunken center
(Official, Japanese) http://tagawahormoneclub.jp/
(Unofficial, English) http://www.crossroadfukuoka.jp/en/event/?mode=detail&isSpot=1&id=400000007712
Tagawa Hormone Nabe 田川ホルモン鍋

佐賀県 佐賀市 Saga-ken, Saga-shi
佐賀市はシシリアンライスdeどっとこむ Saga-shi de Sicilian Rice de Dottokomu
Saga Sicilian Rice: rice topped with fresh vegetables (lettuce, tomato, corn, etc.), sautéed meat and onions, and mayonnaise 
(Official, Japanese) http://sicilianrice.com/
(Unofficial, English) http://welcomekyushu.tw/2013/03/29/sicilian-rice/
Saga Sicilian Rice 佐賀シシリアンライス

長崎県 大村市 Nagasaki-ken, Omura-shi
大村あま辛カレーうまか隊 Omura Amakara Curry Umaka-tai
Omura Amakara Curry: spicy-sweet black-looking curry made with edible charcoal powder, 30 different spices, beef, banana, carrot and other local vegetables
(Official, Japanese) http://umakatai.omlog.net/
Omura Amakara Curry 大村あま辛カレー

長崎県 雲仙市 Nagasaki-ken, Unzen-shi
小浜ちゃんぽん愛好会 Obama Chanpon Aikoukai
Obama Chanpon: thick noodles and local seafood and vegetables in soup made from pork or chicken bones and katakuchi iwashi (sardines)  (named after the local hot spring resort)
(Official, Japanese) https://ja-jp.facebook.com/OBAMAchanpon
Obama Chanpon 小浜ちゃんぽん

長崎県 対馬市 Nagasaki-ken, Tsushima-shi
対馬とんちゃん部隊 Tsushima Tonchan Butai
Tsushima Tonchan: grilled pork loin slices marinated in a special spicy sweet sauce made with soy sauce/miso, garlic, sesame oil, etc.  
(Official, Japanese) http://tsushima-tonchan.jp/

大分県 佐伯市 Oita-ken, Saiki-shi
佐伯ごまだしうどん大作戦 Saiki Gomadashi Udon Daisakusen
Saiki Gomadashi Udon: freshly boiled udon noodles topped with gomadashi (a paste made with soy sauce, sesame seeds and roasted white fish caught in the local Bungo Channel) and hot water poured over the noodles instead of broth
(Official, Japanese) https://ja-jp.facebook.com/sgu.daisakusen 
Saiki Gomadashi Udon 佐伯ごまだしうどん

大分県 日田市 Oita-ken, Hita-shi
日田やきそば研究会 Hita Yakisoba Kenkyuukai
Hita Yakisoba: yakisoba noodles with pork, bean sprouts, spring onions and special sauce cooked on a hot plate until it is so crisp it is almost burnt
(Official, Japanese) https://ja-jp.facebook.com/hitayakisobakenkyuukai
Hita Yakisoba 日田やきそば

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