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B-1 Grand Prix in Towada: Guest Groups

On Tuesday, June 16th, 2015, the groups participating in the B-1 Grand Prix in Towada (October 3rd-4th, 2015) were announced. (Full list in Japanese here:

There are 62 groups in total, so the list of participants will be broken into posts by geography and category (guest and contestant groups).

殿堂入り団体 (投票対象外) Dendou Iri Dantai (touhyou taishougai)

This is the list of "Hall of Fame" groups a.k.a. guest groups. These groups have previously taken the "Gold Grand Prix"first place award, so they are excluded from the voting.

青森県 十和田市 Aomori-ken, Towada-shi
十和田バラ焼きゼミナール Towada Barayaki Seminar (2014 Winner & Host)
Towada Barayaki: grilled beef flank and onions in a special "tare" sauce
(Official, Japanese)
(Unofficial, English)
Towada Barayaki 十和田バラ焼き

青森県 八戸市 Aomori-ken, Hachinohe-shi
八戸せんべい汁研究所 Hachinohe Senbei Jiru Kenkyuujo (2012 Winner)
Hachinohe Senbei Jiru: a type of soup/stew with Nanbu Senbei crackers boiled in broth with meat, fish, and  vegetables
(Official, Japanese)
(Official(?) English)
Hachinohe Senbei Jiru 八戸せんべい汁

秋田県 横手市 Akita-ken, Yokote-shi
横手やきそばサンライ'S Yokote Yakisoba Sunrise (2009 Winner)
Yokote Yakisoba: fried noodles with ground pork and cabbage, and a special Worcester-style sauce served with fujinzuke pickles and a sunny-side-up egg
(Official, Japanese)
(Unofficial, English)
Yokote Yakisoba 横手やきそば

福島県 双葉郡浪江町 Fukushima-ken, Futaba-gun, Namie-machi
浪江焼麺太国 Namie Yakisoba Taikoku (2013 Winner)
Namie Yakisoba: thick fried noodles with pork, bean sprouts, and yakisoba sauce
(Official, Japanese)
(Unofficial, English)
Namie Yakisoba 浪江焼そば

山梨県 甲府市 Yamanashi-ken, Kofu-shi
甲府鶏もつ煮でみなさまの縁をとりもつ隊 Kofu Tori Motsuni de Minasama no En wo Torimotsu-tai (2010 Winner)
Kofu Tori Motsuni: stewed chicken giblets
(Official, Japanese)
(Unofficial, English - scroll down to the "Yamanashi" section)
Kofu Tori Motsuni 甲府鶏もつ煮

静岡県 富士宮市 Shizuoka-ken, Fujinomiya-shi
富士宮やきそば学会 Fujinomiya Yakisoba Gakkai (2006 & 2007 Winner)
Fujinomiya Yakisoba: special Fujinomiya yakisoba noodles*, nikukasu**, and cabbage all fried in lard, with spicy Worcester-style sauce, and shaved sardine (iwashi) flakes
(Official, Japanese)
(Unofficial, English)
Fujinomiya Yakisoba 富士宮やきそば

(*Most yakisoba noodles are steamed and boiled. With Fujinomiya yakisoba noodles, after steaming, the noodles are flash cooled and coated with oil so they retain less moisture and have a chewier texture than steamed and boiled noodles.
** Nikukasu is meat that is leftover after the lard has been rendered out and is then fried. )

岡山県 真庭市 Okayama-ken, Maniwa-shi
ひろぜん焼きそば好いとん会 Hiruzen Yakisoba Suiton-kai (2011 Winner)
Hiruzen Yakisoba: fried noodles with chicken, cabbage, and a miso-base spicy-sweet sauce
(Official, Japanese)
(Unofficial, English)
Hiruzen Yakisoba ひるぜん焼そば
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