Tuesday, 7 July 2015

B-1 Grand Prix in Towada: Shikoku Contestant Groups

四国 投票対象団体 (Shikoku Touhyou Taishou Dantai)
Shikoku Contestant Groups
Shikoku Region 四国地方 

徳島県 徳島市 Tokushima-ken Tokushima-shi
とくしま豆天玉連 Tokushima Mame Tentama-ren
Tokushima Mametentamayaki: okonomiyaki (Japanese omelette/pizza/pancake) made with simmered kintoki beans (mame), small shrimp fried into tempura (ten) with egg (tama), cabbage, pork, and other ingredients
(Official, Japanese) http://mametentama.com/ 
Tokushima Mametentamayaki 徳島豆天玉焼き

愛媛県 今治市 Ehime-ken, Imabari-shi
今治焼豚玉子飯世界普及委員会 Imabari Yakibuta Tamago-meshi Sekai Fukyuu Iinkai
Imabari Yakibuta Tamago-meshi: rice topped with roast pork, a sunny-side egg, and special sauce
(Official, Japanese) http://i-ytm.com/
Imabari Yakibuta Tamago-meshi 今治焼豚玉子飯

高知県 須崎市 Kochi-ken, Susaki-shi
須崎鍋焼きラーメンプロジェクトX Susaki Nabeyaki Ramen Project X
Susaki Nabeyaki Ramen: thin, straight ramen noodles in a chicken-based soup with chicken, spring onion, chikuwa (fish paste sausage) and a raw egg on top all cooked in a clay pot and served while still boiling
Susaki Nabeyaki Ramen 須崎鍋焼きラーメン

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