Thursday, 25 June 2015

B-1 Grand Prix in Towada: Kanto Contestant Groups

関東 投票対象団体 Kanto Touhyou Taishou Dantai
Kanto Contestant Groups
Kanto Region 関東

茨城県 笠間市 Ibaraki-ken, Kasama-shi
笠間いなり寿司いな吉会 Kasama Inarizushi Inakichi-kai
Kasama Inarizushi: deep fried bean curd skin stuffed with soba, walnut, and maitake mushrooms
(Official, Japanese)
Kasama Inarizushi 笠間いなり寿司

茨城県 ひたちなか市 Ibaraki-ken, Hitachinaka-shi
那珂湊焼そば大学院 Nakaminato Yakisoba Daigakuin
Nakaminato Yakisoba: fried chewy and thick, hand-pulled noodles steamed at a high temperature and pressure
(Official, Japanese)
Nakaminato Yakisoba 那珂湊焼きそば

群馬県 太田市 Gunma-ken, Ota-shi
上州太田炊きそばEnJOY麺berS Joushuu Ota Yakisoba EnJOY Men-berS
Joushuu Ota Yakisoba: thick yakisoba noodles fried with cabbage and special sauce, topped with aonori seaweed flakes and benishouga (shredded red pickled ginger) 
(Original, Japanese)
Joushuu Ota Yakisoba 上州太田焼きそば

埼玉県 行田市 Saitama-ken, Gyouda-shi
行田ゼリーフライ研究会 Gyouda Zerry Fry Kenkyuukai
Gyouda Zerry Fry: boiled and mashed potatoes, okara (soybean fibres, by-products of tofu making), carrot, and spring onion, formed into a round/oval patty which is deep fried then coated with a special sauce 
(Official, Japanese)行田ゼリーフライ研究会/789811137697299
(Unofficial, English)
Gyouda Zerry Fry 行田ゼリーフライ

千葉県 勝浦市 Chiba-ken, Katsuura-shi
熱血!!勝浦タンタンメン船団 Netsu Ketsu!! Katsuura Tantanmen Sendan
Katsuura Tantanmen: ramen-style tantanmen (Japanese version of the Sichuan Chinese Dan Dan noodle) with minced onions, ground meat, and soy sauce based rayu chili oil
(Official, Japanese)
(Unofficial, English)
Katsuura Tantanmen 勝浦タンタンメン
神奈川県 三浦市 Kanagawa-ken, Miura-shi
三崎まぐろラーメンズ Misaki Maguro Ramenz
Misaki Maguro Ramen: ramen with maguro tuna soup stock topped with ground maguro (other variants use pickled maguro, or maguro spare rib
) (Official, Japanese)
Misaki Maguro Ramen 三崎まぐろラーメン

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