Monday, 9 November 2015

Aomori Winter 2015 Energy Saving Challenge

Aomori Winter 2015 Energy Saving Challenge
うちエコいいね!節電チャレンジ 2015 冬 (Uchi Eco Ii Ne! Setsuden Challenge 2015 Fuyu )

Try various household energy-saving strategies for a chance to win a 1000yen QUO Card.
Aomori Winter 2015 Energy Saving Challenge flyer 青森県 うちエコいいね!節電チャレンジ2015冬 チラシ

Prize: 1000yen QUO Card (100 available)
Rules/Entry Information: 
  • Only residents of Aomori Prefecture are eligible for this competition. 
  • Submit an electricity bill(s) (original or copy) from November 2015, December 2015, and/or January 2015 showing lower electricity usage as compared to the same month in the previous year to enter the prize draw. (Web billing customers should print out the bill/usage report for the current and previous years.)
  • Get one prize drawing entry for each month; you can submit bills for just one or two, or all three months for a maximum of three prize draw entries. (Each bill can only be used for one entry.)
  • To enter, print out the envelope from the website and cut out along the solid thick lines. Fill in the applicable information; enclose the electricity bill(s); fold the envelope along the dotted lines and seal shut with glue where marked のりしろ. Affix postage (82yen stamp) to the sealed envelope and mail it in.
    Aomori Winter 2015 Energy Saving Challenge entry form envelope 青森県 うちエコいいね!節電チャレンジ2015冬 応募用紙
  • Entry deadline (postdated) is February 29, 2015.   
  • Winners will be mailed prizes in March 2016.
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