Wednesday, 11 November 2015

Ominato Nabe Festival 2015

Ominato Nabe Festival 2015 大湊鍋祭り
(Oominato Nabe* Matsuri, *nabe= Japanese hot pot/stew)
Mutsu Ominato Nabe Matsuri Festival 2015 flyer 青森県むつ市 大湊鍋祭り チラシ

Date: Sunday, November 22, 2015
Time: 11:00-15:00
Location: Ominato Shincho Parking Lot (next to the Michinoku Bank Ominato Branch parking lot)
大湊新町駐車場(みちのく銀行大湊支店駐車場の隣) (map)
Admission: Event is free but nabe is 300yen/bowl (tickets required)
  • Try new nabe recipes from 7 different local establishments (300yen/bowl (tickets required))
  • Stands selling drinks, rice balls, and other foods
  • Stage performances
Nabe Ticket Sales:
1000yen for 1100yen worth of tickets. Available at participating establishments listed below:
  • Inaka Dining Shuran 田舎ダイニング 酒蘭 (map)
    17:00~ Mon.-Sat.
  • Bar Lounge Sea Wind バーラウンジ シーウインド (map)
    20:00-03:00 Tue.-Sun.
  • Izakaya Den Chan 居酒屋 伝ちゃん (map)
    17:00-01:00 (closed 2nd Thu. of the month)
  • snack you・・・ ユー (map)
    19:00-01:00 Mon.-Sat.
  • CharmHeart 軽食&スナック チャームハート (map)
    19:00-02:00 (closed irregularly, usually Sun.)
  • Bishukakou Keika 美酒嘉肴 京華 (map)
    17:00-22:00 Thu.-Tue.
  • Thanks39 (Sanku Sanku) サンクサンク (map)
    20:00~ Thu.-Tue.
  • Yakitori Hatoba 焼鳥 はとば (map)
    17:00-21:00 Mon.-Sat.
  • Drive in Hyottoko ドライブイン ひょっとこ (map)
    11:00-15:00 Sun.-Thu., 17:00-01:30 Fri.-Sat.
Ominato Shincho Parking Lot 大湊新町駐車場

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