Friday, 15 January 2016

Tsugaru Art Born from Winter Photo Contest

"Tsugaru Art Born from Winter" Photo Contest
「冬が生む津軽のアート」フォトコンテスト (Fuyu ga Umu Tsugaru no Art Photo Contest)

The "Tsugaru Art Born from Winter" Photo Contest is looking for photograph submissions to commemorate the first ever Winter Ricefield Art.
Tsugaru Art Born from Winter Photo Contest flyer front 冬が生む津軽アートフォトコンテスト 冬の田んぼアート記念フォトコンテスト チラシ 表Tsugaru Art Born from Winter Photo Contest flyer front 冬が生む津軽アートフォトコンテスト 冬の田んぼアート記念フォトコンテスト チラシ 裏

Contest Details:
Full Contest Information PDF File: Japanese
Contest Facebook Page (Japanese):
  • Theme: Tsugaru Art Born From Winter
    (冬が生む津軽のアート Fuyu ga Umu Tsugaru no Art)
  • Contest Judges:
    Emiko Fukuda, photographer
    Katsumi Miyakawa (3 P's LLC Representative)
    Shinji Narita (Tsugaru Photo Meeting Representative)
  • Contest Awards & Prizes
    • Grand Prize (1): 50,000yen + Certificate
    • First Prize (2): 20,000yen + Certificate
    • Second Prize (2): 10,000yen + Certificate
    • Honourable Mention (5): Prize (Tsugaru local specialty) + Certificate
  • Announcement of Contest Results: March 2016 (tentative)
    Winning contestants will be asked to provide a print copy of the photograph (A4 or 四ツ切サイズ (254x305mm)) to be displayed at the summer "rice field art" venues, etc.
  • Copyright:
    • Rights to non-winning submitted works will revert to the photographer.
    • Contest sponsors reserve the right to use the winning works royalty-free for winter tourism pamphlets, exhibits, posters, publicity purposes etc. for two years following the contest. If permission to use the works for these purposes cannot be granted, the works cannot be accepted as contest entries.
    • The contest sponsor agrees to display the photographer's name when publishing winning works on the internet.
    • The contest sponsor will only loan submitted works to third parties after explaining the purpose and conditions for use to the photographer and gaining permission in advance.
Entry Requirements/Restrictions:
  • Photos must have been taken within Hirosaki City, Kuroishi City, Hirakawa City, Nishimeya Village, Fujisaki Town, Owani Town, or Inakadate Village in Aomori Prefecture
  • Photos must have been taken during the winter (December to February) in any year. However, photographs of buildings, places, festivals, etc. that cannot be visited (no longer exist) will not be accepted. 
  • Permission of identifiable people (subjects in photos) should be obtained before submission
  • Only unpublished works should be submitted
  • Photo Size/Specifications: 
    • JPEG file digital data
    • 3500px (or more) in length OR 
    • File size of 2MB or more OR
    • Photograph taken at 8 megapixel or higher setting
  • Max. Submissions: 3 photos per person (professional or amateur)
Entry Submission/Deadline:
  • Entry Submission Email Address: fuyu.tsugaru[at]gmail[dot]com
  • Entry Submission Email Subject Title: Photograph's Title
  • Entry Submission Email Body:

    1. 撮影者氏名(ふりがな) Photographer's Full Name (and Phonetic Reading)

    2. 年齢 Age

    3. 電話番号 Phone Number

    4. 郵便番号・住所 Postal Code & Address

    5. 撮影年月日 Year/Month/Date photograph was taken

    6. 撮影場所 Location photograph was taken

    7. 美しいと感じたポイント(コメント) What you felt was beautiful/interesting about the photo (personal comment)

  • Submission Period: Tuesday December 15, 2015 - Friday February 19, 2016
    (Submitted works/photo prints cannot be returned.) 
More Information:
Contest Facebook Page:
Aomori Prefectural Goverment Website:

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