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Winter Nishimeya Photo Contest 2016

Winter Nishimeya Photo Contest 2016
冬のにしめや写真コンテスト2016 (Fuyu no Nishimeya Shashin Contest)

A contest to showcase the winter scenery, people, food, and events of Nishimeya.
Winter Nishimeya Photo Contest 2016 poster Fuyu no Nishimeya Shashin Contest 平成28年 冬のにしめや写真コンテスト

Contest Details:
Full Contest Information PDF File: Japanese
Nishimeya Village Website (Japanese):
  • Contest Divisions
    • A: Beautiful Nishimeya Winter 「美しい西目屋の冬」
      Photographs that show picturesque village scenery, the beauty of the Shirakami-Sanchi Mountain Range, etc.
    • B: Delicious Nishimeya Winter 「おいしい西目屋の冬」
      Delicious food or drink photographs
    • C: Winter Events & Nishimeya 「冬のイベントと西目屋」
      Photographs of events such as the Nishimeya Winter Festival and Niogataki Waterfall Ice Festival, etc.
    • D: Winter Nishimeya People 「冬の西目屋人」
      Photographs of people and village scenery that gives a sense of the connection between the people and Nishimeya
  • Contest Sponsor/Judge: Nishimeya Tourism Association
  • Contest Awards & Prizes
    • Gold Prize (Each Division): 10,000yen-worth of Nishimeya or Shirakami-Sanchi-related goods, and a book of 12 vouchers for entry to local Nishimeya hot springs
  • Copyright:
    • Submitted works will not be returned.
    • Winning photographs will become property of the contest sponsors;
    • Winning works will be used for village promotional purposes.
Entry Requirements/Restrictions:
  • Photos must have been taken in Nishimeya Village during the winter. 
  • Permission of identifiable people (subjects in photos) should be obtained before submission
  • Only unpublished works should be submitted
  • Composite photographs are not permitted.
  • Use of any type of camera (cell phone/smartphone, etc.. included) is permissible
  • Photo Size/Specifications: 
    • A4 Size  (270 x 297mm) OR
    • Yotsukiri Size 四ツ切サイズ (254 x 305mm) OR
    • Wide Yotsukiri ワイド四ツ (254 x 366mm) OR
    • Digital Data sent via email (max. 3MB file size) OR
    • Digital Data on CD or other digital media (3MB file size or larger) 
  • Max. Submissions: 2 photos per division per person (professional or amateur)
Entry Submission/Deadline:
  • Entry Submission Address (for print/digital media submissions)

     Nishimeya Tourism Association Office (Part of the Nishimeya Industries Department)
     Inamoto-144 Tashiro, Nishimeya-mura, Nakatsugaru-gun, Aomori-ken 036-1411
  • Entry Submission Email Address: nishimeya-sangyou[at]
  • Required Entry Submission Information:

    • 写真の題名 Photgraph Title
    • 撮影場所 Location photograph was taken
    • 住所 Address
    • 氏名 Photographer's Full Name
    • 年齢 Age
    • 性別 Gender
    • 職業 Occupation (For students, include school name and year/grade)
    • 電話番号 Phone Number

  • Submission Deadline: Entries must be received by Monday February 29, 2016
Nishimeya Tourism Association Office (Part of the Nishimeya Industries Department)
8:15-17:00 Monday-Friday, not including National Holidays
・TEL 0172-85-2800 
・FAX 0172-85-3040
・E-mail nishimeya-sangyou[at]

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