Tuesday, 9 August 2016

Misawa Festival 2016

Misawa Festival 2016
(Misawa Matsuri)

Misawa City's main summer festival features float parades, traditional performing arts performances, and more!

Misawa Festival 2016 poster 平成28年三沢まつり ポスター Matsuri

Date: August 18-21, 2016
Admission: Free
Location: Misawa Shopping Arcade, etc. 三沢市アーケード街他
    Thursday August 18: Zenyasai
  • Floats on Display
  • Float Judging
  • Matsuri Bayashi Festival Music Competition

  • Friday August 19: Otoori
  • Mikoshi Portable Shrine Procession
  • Evening Float Parade

  • Saturday August 20: Nakabi
  • Traditional Performing Arts
    (America Hiroba アメリカ広場 (map))
  • Costume Parade
    (Starts at City Hall 市役所前出発 (map))
  • Nagashi Odori Dance
    (Starts at Omachi Orange Hiroba 大町オレンジ広場 (map))
  • International Summer Festival (Mikoshi Parade)
    (Omachi Orange Hiroba 大町オレンジ広場 (map))
  • Furumagi Sansha Dedication Offering Festival
    (Misawa Station East Exit Tamokuteki Hiroba 三沢駅東口多目的広場 (map))

  • Sunday August 21: Okaeri
  • Mikoshi Portable Shrine Return
  • Float Parade

More Information:
Misawa City Chamber of Commerce & Industry: http://www.misawa.or.jp/event/3043

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