Monday, 8 August 2016

Noheji Gion Festival 2016

Noheji Gion Festival 2016
(Noheji Gion Matsuri)

The Noheji Gion Festival features impressive two-tiered floats decorated with doll figures and has its origins in the Kyoto Gion Festival.

Noheji Gion Festival 2016 poster  平成28年のへじ祇園まつり ポスター matsuri

Date: August 18-21
Admission: Free
Location: Various
    Tuesday August 16 (Related/Pre-Event)
  • 11:00~ 野辺地神明宮 例祭 Noheji Shinmeigu Shrine Festival

  • Thursday August 18
  • 15:00-16:00 しめあげ Dedication of Shimeage Ropes
    (Noheji Hachimangu Shrine(?) 野辺地八幡宮 (map))
  • 18:00~ 宵宮祭 Yomiyasai Festival Eve Festival
    (Noheji Hachimangu Shrine 野辺地八幡宮 (map))
  • 18:30~ 宵宮 Yomiya Festival Eve Vigil
    (Noheji Hachimangu Shrine 野辺地八幡宮 (map) &
    Noheji Shinmeigu Shrine 野辺地神明宮 (map))

  • Friday August 19
  • 17:00-20:30 初日山車合同運行 First Day Float Parade
      17:00~ (Noheji Station Hiroba 野辺地駅前広場 (map))
    • ぎおんばやしの共演 Festival Music Performance
    • 神楽の共演 Kagura Performance
    • ささ踊り Sasaodori Dance
    • 表彰式 Award Ceremony
    • 18:30 Float Parade
      (Noheji Station 野辺地駅発 (map)~Hachimangu Shrine 八幡宮前 (map))

  • Saturday August 20
  • 海上渡御 Marine Procession
    (Fishery Cooperative Processing Area 漁協荷さばき場 (map?))
    • 2賞表彰式 2nd Prize(?) Award Ceremony
    • 神楽の共演 Kagura Performance
    • 11:00~ 出港 Setting Off
  • 13:00-17:00 町内自主運行 Float Parade in Local Areas

  • Sunday August 21
  • 13:00-16:30 最終日山車合同運行 Last Day Float Parade
    (Hachimangu Shrine 八幡宮前 (map)~Noheji Honmachi 本町)
More Information:
Noheji Tourism Association Website (Japanese):祇園まつり/

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